Bloom in Business Increases Sales through 0345 Number  

While many businesses are still using 0800 lines, it’s 03 numbers that have steadily become the new & preferred choice. Specifically, as cNumber customers have proven, 0345 numbers have emerged as popular choices for companies up and down the UK. For those unfamiliar, 03 numbers are non-geographic numbers and work in the same way as 08 numbers.

They work close by existing landlines, and can even be included in a mobile number. The primary difference to an 08 number is that the caller is paying the same costs as 01 and 02 numbers. With the main advantage of checking towards any inclusive call minute bundles from landlines also.

Bloom in Business Increases Sales through 0345 Number

How 0345 can help boost businesses sales:

It’s Cheap for Customers

A common question asked on cNumber is 0345 a free number? Well, this is a common misnomer as 0345 numbers are chargeable at a standard 01 or 02 rate. This means that customers will generally find no difference in calling than they would family members and friends. It’s a great way to help keep billing simple for customers.

In that sense, it is at least showing them that the business cares about them! This, in turn, should boost customer loyalty and purchases. What’s more, 0345 numbers are also likely to be inclusive in plenty of different mobile phone packages.

Many mobile tariffs now offer unlimited calls to ‘basic’ numbers as standard.

They Are Completely Static

0345 numbers are non-geographic. This literally means that they’re not tied to any kind of physical location or exchange. With an 0345 number, one can set up a number from anywhere in the UK. So firms won’t have to tie themselves down to a specific office.

This means that they can be as flexible as they like and get customers from anywhere. However, customers will still be able to call, safe in the knowledge that the business functions from one set location. Businesses can even set up roaming staff and team members on 0345 numbers.

So, even if customers and clients call agents out in the field, they will still have one line to call.

They Are Memorable

There is also the fact that 0345 lines can also be very memorable as cNumber offers numbers that businesses can build themselves. And 0345 tends to be one of the easier prefixes to recite as well as to remember.

What’s more, it gives off a professional standard. People are likely to be drawn to companies with numbers that appear official or are at least professional. Otherwise, businesses could risk cutting out a fairly lucrative slice of their market.

No business wants to lose trade! Why risk it by leading with a non-professional number?


This article has answered FAQ like is 0345 a free number etc, and what it shows is that basically the 0345 line is worth it. As while there are brands that may not have thought of using an 0345 cNumber line, there are plenty of great benefits.

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