What is Bluestacks? is it Safe to Use?

Technology has been evolving over the years, and it is a known fact that the way we emulate games has changed along the way. Now we access to powerful emulators in the name Bluestacks, Nox Player, YouWave, etc.

Now the question is – is Bluestacks safe to use, is bluestack a virus and How does it work: Bluestacks is a completely free Android Emulator that will turn your windows into an Android environment. That means that you no longer need to have an Android device to get the experience of Android apps and games. I was really surprised when I first knew about it. And immediately used it for installing Mx Player on my Laptop. Bluestacks is very helpful for installing some useful Android apps that are not available for Windows/Mac computers.

is bluestacks safe to use

What do you need to know about Bluestacks

Download/Installing Bluestacks on Windows or Mac PC is very easy as any other software installation. Additionally, you can use this guide to install Bluestacks without any errors. Before you download and install, you need to know a few things about this popular app player. Let’s check them below.

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1. Virus And Malware

I have checked/scanned it with Antivirus and I didn’t find any virus or Malware with this software. It is completely no issues at all. The popular App Player has got over 90% trust vote and child safety on various software review sites.

2. Plan/Subscription

Initially, it was completely free to use. But now it is asking you to pay $2/month. Alternatively, you can keep it free if you are fine with some sponsored apps every day. It will forcibly install apps on your PC. it becomes a major problem as you have no control over which apps you are installing and how much data is being used. If you are a serious user, you must plan to purchase this software. otherwise, you can use it for free.

3. Google Account Details

You need to Sign in with your Google Account details to install android apps on Bluestacks emulator. Make sure you are using your own/trusted computer. Otherwise, this can risk your account details and other vital information.

4. Data Usage

when I monitor the app for data, it is sending and receiving packets even when it is not in use. There might be some updates running in the background. this can lead to huge data consumption. To avoid this, you need to be very clever to turn off automatic updates to your apps and uncheck app access and notifications while installing the software.

is Bluestacks Safe?

apart from a few issues, honestly, Bluestacks is a safe and trusted application that meets most of the user requirements. Personally, I am using this app for almost a year now and I can guarantee that Bluestacks is the best in the business. you won’t find any problems using this application.

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So, this is all about is BlueStacks Safe or not and how it works. Bluestacks is 100% safe to use on your pc. Now, I think you are clear whether Bluestacks is safe or not. Did you try Bluestacks Yet? If not, then you can easily install Bluestacks on Windows and Mac computers. You can find some guides over here. So that’s it friends. If you find it useful, please share it with your friends on social media. For queries and feedback, please use the comment section below to post them.

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