How to Boost Your Torrents Download Speed by 10x

It won’t be a surprise if I say torrent is an excellent way to download movies and other files from the internet. Lots of internet users use BitTorrent sites daily to download the latest movies, TV shows, Episodes, Games, and other useful software etc. But the slow torrent speed is very frustrating when downloading your favorite movie online.

The BitTorrent client is the software that many use it daily to download torrents. But no one uses it quite well. Sometimes, misconfiguration of this app also results in slow torrent speeds. If you are looking forward to the increase torrent download speed you are the right place. In this article, you will find various tips to boost torrent download speed. Enjoy!

How to make utorrent download faster

By following the utorrent advanced settings below you can easily increase the download speed of your torrents. Let’s get started.  You can use the guide to speed up BitTorrent in mac and in the android device too.

Choose The Right BitTorrent Client

use the better BitTorrents clients out there like uTorrent, Vuze, FlashGet or BitTorrent client itself. And make sure you have the latest version of the software installed. The guide below made using uTorrent. However, you can easily replicate for other clients as well.

Choose a Healthy Torrent

This is the most important thing to do if you want to increase the speed of your torrents. Choose a torrent having maximum seeders in comparison to leechers. For example, if a file has 100 seeds and 200 leeches (that is 33% seeds). And another file with 500 seeds and 2000 leaches that is only 20% seeds. Then you should go for the first torrent file.

how to make utorrent faster 2018 seedsThe torrent download speed will largely depend on the quality of the torrent file. So, carefully choose the torrent by reading comments, and looking at the seeds and leeches percentage.

Add More Trackers

This is another clever way to increase torrent download speed. Many a time we can’t find the healthy torrents. In that case, we should try to add more trackers to the torrent we are downloading. All you need to do is copy the Hash code of the torrent and google it. download the same torrent file from different sources and add it to uTorrent.

boost torrent speeds step add trackersIt will give you a pop up by showing a message that this torrent is already on the list. Just click on yes. the trackers will be added to the torrent. by doing this couple of times the number of peers will increase. though the speed may not increase instantly. in 4-5 minutes you can clearly see the improvement.

Bandwidth and Connections

By default, these values are set in your BitTorrent client for random values. You can actually set these values according to your needs. The best settings are: put 80% upload speed and 100% (make it 90% if you want to browse the internet at the same time) download speed.

Authorize uTorrent in Firewall

Windows Firewall has the tendency to block all BitTorrent connections coming through it. To Ensure it doesn’t, you should manually change the settings in Windows Firewall to accept the connections let it through the firewall.

Configure the firewall installed to accept the connections by checking the BitTorrent client on the allowed list i.e. Options – Preferences – Connection – check Add uTorrent to Windows Firewall. However, don’t completely turn off your firewall as it can give a chance to vulnerable attacks.

Best Incoming Port for BitTorrent

By default, All BitTorrent protocol uses a random port number between 6881 and 6999. ISps moves the traffic from these ports as torrents need high bandwidth usage. It’s easy to configure a different port in your torrent client. use a port above 10000 to avoid the problem with other apps. and make sure you turn off the random port option.

Other Basic Useful Tips

  • Most of the BitTorrent client show us the individual files in a download. You can selectively download the files you think necessary.
  • Experiment with protocol encryption
  • Don’t force start your torrents
  • Check your ISP upload and Download speed. because whatever you do your torrent download speed won’t cross the limit set by your ISP.

how to increase utorrent download speed in android

Final Words

That’s all guys.

Now over to you. I hope it was helpful. or did I miss anything?

Which of methods do you think will improve the speed of the torrent downloads? Let me know in the section below.

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