BSV Ecosystem Opening Up iGaming Opportunities

The fifth episode of “Hashing it Out” with Becky Liggero aired recently and had great dialogue about some new and exciting innovations for the iGaming community. Discussing their newest offerings were DotWallet’s Founder Lin Zheming and BitBoss CTO Alex Shore.


This app-based wallet is one of the most used in Southeast Asia. It’s becoming a favorite across all of the BSV ecosystem. It hosts its own app store within the app so users don’t have to login through a Google or Apple account which makes checking out other app features seamless. It also features a token exchange and of course provides for sending, receiving, and making payments with BSV.

“They have an app center in DotWallet and you don’t need to log into a Google account or be regulated by what Apple deems appropriate, you’re not subject to their decision making, essentially. And that’s not just for gaming. It’s for anything,” Shore explained.

Dragon BSV Casino

Many features make Dragon BSV a top pick for online casinos and the fact that BitBoss runs the gaming platform for online casinos on the BSV platform makes it especially appealing. Every transaction is timestamped and recorded on blockchain. This includes when players login or out of their accounts, the bets they make, and any winnings they receive from their action. It also eliminates the opportunity for double spending because every payout is tied to the bet that was placed. Players can add funds and withdraw winnings straight from their wallet.

The Blend

BitBoss and DotWallet announced an agreement to integrate their two companies in February of 2021. With BitBoss already having Dragon giving them the white label, DotWallet brings their user base of more than a million subscribers who can immediately connect to Dragon BSV by simply downloading the app from their wallet. In exchange, BitBoss gains visibility by users who would not necessarily see them otherwise.

“And then for us, we have a whole new channel of users that we can now access. So, people see our technology in DotWallet that otherwise wouldn’t know about it. They can tap on it. They can link over to our app and do real money gaming immediately and very easily by transferring BSV from their DotWallet wallet to their Dragon wallet,” said Shore.

The Right Choice

“We’re excited with this new integration with DotWallet and I think there’s huge opportunities in front of us. Also, just with the advancements with Bitcoin SV, it continues to be the right blockchain for us to operate an online platform on. It’s leaps and bounds ahead of other blockchains from many different perspectives. So, we feel like we made the right choice and we’re super excited,” Shore said.

This new partnership is just the beginning for iGaming and the opportunities it has going forward on the BSV blockchain. Everything we know about this platform makes it a perfect fit for iGaming. Scalable, fast, and low cost.

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