Business opportunities for the older women (Embroidery shop is an ideal business for women, especially older women)

We usually find women in their leisure time switching to their variety of hobby works like knitting, sewing household fabrics, oil painting and many other forms of arts.

As time progressed, we can observe their hobbies transformed into petty businesses on a small scale which can earn these women, profit through their leisure time.

Among such free time craftworks, Embroidery is a popular and creative one, where women bring alive her creativity through embroidery patches on fabrics. Through embroidery patching, the clothing gets a new life in an inexpensive way to create a boutique look on the t-shirts, saree, jeans, and other fabrics like those used for  house decors

EMBROIDERY has now turned into a domain of business collaborated with the source of pleasure the women find in their creativity. Expertise in this field can be found in the women of the older generation, since they have been found stitching embroidery patches on traditional handicrafts, household fabrics like blankets, sweater, hats, curtains, baby suits, sarees, etc.

In many households, we can find varieties of decorative handicrafts designed by the hands of grandmothers, who have followed this traditional craftwork passed on from ages together. These artworks depict their traditional creativity and the experience in Embroidery since their generation.

Now it is this experience which made it possible to teach the skills within the households to present generation like we find grandmothers teaching their daughters and granddaughters the skills needed in embroidery.

Hence as the embroidery works in the fashionable garments and decorative stuff is at the trend, now the ever-growing demands in the market had made it possible for this leisure work transforms into a profit earning business especially among OLD WOMEN.

Business Potential

For old women and homemakers, this is an ideal form of household business, through which they can add an extra source of income with very fewer capital investments.

Depending upon the number of raw materials, the number of co-workers, capital input, demand for the product produced, the embroidery business can be scaled as small, medium and large scale leveled.

The handicrafts vary from traditional, mundane designs to rich works.


 The brief picture of  business scales is as follows:


It solely suits for the women who can spend only a small part of the day to involve in creating particular handmade designs on fabrics.

Customization according to the needs of the user can be personally dealt by the craftswomen, since only one piece of handicraft is been worked upon by her.

There is absolutely no need for machines to be installed to get the task done. Usually, no time limit is allotted to complete the task; only the leisure time can be used. Progressively the design is completed adding the pieces of free time to produce the masterpiece.

Usually, the customers for this small scaled business are neighbors, family, friends, etc. To start the business, just the initiation needed is the exposure of the skills one has in the embroidery to the surrounding people, who can lay the demand for such ‘craft of the two hands’ done for them as well as per their customization.

Basic capital input is a hoop, fabric, varieties of floss, and an appropriate needle, and an advertisement of the skills to known people.


There can be two ways :


A group of likeminded people can collaborate and add their contribution without installing the large machines, instead of using small embroidery machines (single needled machines) to meet up the greater demands for the artworks. Since the demand in the market is huge, this form of business can suit the profit of the group of women as well.

Skills can be shared within the group. In order to produce a number of desired products, a sort of coordination is maintained to accomplish the task within the given amount of time.

In this form of organization, in the absence of investments on large machines, the profit margin can be as high as 60% due to low-cost primitive machines and wholesale brought raw materials.


Machines can also be installed in order to meet the growing demands yet with the limited number of co-workers in the organization. These machines are usually multiple needled machines, which are faster as compared to single needled machines used in small scale household business.

The profit earned here is pretty much more as compared to the alternatives mentioned earlier, since the bulk products can be produced under the demand, with more accuracy and less time.

Only the initial investments may be seen high for women, but it can be recovered with the well-established business within some time.

In rare cases, digitization is also used along with the usage of machines.

The products in medium scaled business are usually the bridal wears, ethnic wears, and other vivid fashion designers demanded in bulk number by dealers.


The higher demands than medium scale,  of a particular type of embroidery design, can be met by large scale business established by a group of like-minded women who have higher professional skills and with high capital investments.

High-quality machines ( multiple needled with special features) are must need to meet the targets within a limited time. Highly skilled co-workers for the digitization of the varieties of designs can help in the progress of the business for effective production and greater profit earnings.

The best ways to promote their business by creating the websites, facebook pages, creating blogs, and other forms of advertisements to the link between their business and the consumers.

Demands such as uniform logos, team jerseys, blankets, household decorative fabrics, flooring, etc are met in bulk level through large scale business.

Women as per their interest, convenience, and opportunity to invest can opt any of the three mentioned levels of business and ignite their business that demands mostly their skills and creativity.

It is one of the best ways to spend their free time worth fully, which can also serve as a platform for her self-development if a woman is a house-maker especially old-women.

It can also serve as an important source of family income and adds to financial security especially for poor families if the business is well established and come out with flying colors.


To start the business, women may find certain dilemmas and doubts about the correct way of approach. They may need some kind of assistance or a platform providing the necessary support, guidelines related to the installation of machines and their usage techniques.

There are some of the companies providing the service that supports the women interested in investing in Embroidery machines.

Here are some of the companies providing such service and supply of machines.


  • RICOMA supplies the varieties of automated machines along with starter kit, and training support.
  • BROTHER and MERLIN EMBROIDERY MACHINES, in England, Scotland and Whales.


  • USHA

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