Buying Picnic Baskets and Essentials to Carry Inside Them

Buying Picnic Baskets and Essentials to Carry Inside Them

Careful planning means paying attention to the little things. If you’re taking your family out for a picnic or going on one with friends, make sure you pack the right basket and essentials. Here’s what to look for when you shop for picnic baskets.

Go with Classics

If it’s a picnic, you can’t go wrong with classics. Look for a hamper or basket shaped like a bucket. That’s what people think when they think about a picnic basket. However, you can choose from four types of baskets during your search. A traditional picnic basket is the most common and has no extra features or accessories. Specialty picnic baskets have compartments so that you can pack wine along with your food. Some of these baskets even have insulation or coolers. A tote basket is simple, versatile, and easy to use. It’s a one-bag concept and has little to no compartments. You can use it if you bring food in stainless steel containers to keep them warm. Lastly, there are also backpack baskets now. It’s modern and sassy and doesn’t look like a basket, so it doesn’t have the same feeling when you take photos for your Instagram. However, it makes it convenient to pack along food, so a backpack basket might still fit the bill for you if that’s a priority. 

Get Waterproof Options

Think about getting a waterproof basket. That way, even if you run into a bit of moisture while out on an outdoor adventure, basking in the sun and breeze on a picnic, you won’t need to worry about how a little rain or moisture might affect the material of your picnic basket. A waterproof design and coating protect your basket from damage. That matters. If you use a shoddy or poorly-made basket, parts could fall out or give way, leading to a mess. All the food or drinks inside will spill. You want to keep that from happening. That’s why a sturdy picnic basket is essential.

Consider How Many

When you shop for a picnic basket, think about how many people are going with you. A small basket that’s only big enough to carry food for two might not be appropriate. Some baskets or hampers are large enough to accommodate lunches and desserts for about four to six people. Some might be bigger or a little smaller than that. Find out how many of your friends or family will come along. That will help you assess picnic baskets easier. Knowing your buying requirements means you won’t have to worry about packing along a basket that’s too small or too big for your group.

Check for a Cooler

A picnic basket with a cooler is perfect. If you love the thought of enjoying a picnic meal outdoors and under the shade, while you look at the mountains or soak up the sunshine, having chilled wine or cold tea at that moment sounds like the best thing in the world. Indulge in the simple joys of having your loved ones around, eating sweets or savoury treats, and watching as the world passes by peacefully. When going on a picnic after a long time, pick a basket with a compartment for a bottle. Whether you bring along juice, tea, or wine will be entirely up to you. 

Look for Insulation

Some baskets also have insulation, which keeps the food warm. The moment you open the basket, you’ll release some of the warm air circulating inside. If you don’t like cold food, you can look for a basket with insulation properties. That way, even on a picnic, you can still look forward to eating warm food. Insulation keeps your meals inside fresh a little longer. With an insulation feature, carrying fruits is possible and much easier. 

Prepare a Menu

make a list of the things you wish to carry along on your picnic. Decide upon the different items you want on your menu. What you’ll serve will also determine the size of your basket. Is it too big for your needs? Or is it too small? How many food items do you need to pack along? What quantity do you need? Also, if you’re bringing along wine, make sure you have a bottle opener and a wine cooler.

Know the Weather

It is also necessary to check the weather. Before you prepare a picnic basket:

  1. Find out if it will rain or shine. When you prepare food, dishes, or meals, consider how you can enhance their comfort during the picnic.
  2. If it’s hot, prepare refreshing dishes.
  3. If the day is chilly, prepare food to warm them up.

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