Can you bet with a VPN?

In the UK, upwards of 36.6 million people opted to use online gambling and betting in 2018 alone. The accessibility of online betting platforms has skyrocketed by 40% in 2020 and is contributing to an ever-growing industry. Yet with rising concerns as to the security of transactions on these platforms, VPN offers an appealing bypass to both regulations and concerns.

What is a VPN?

Virtual private networks provide the assurance of virtual anonymity and security when using public networks. By essentially establishing a ‘tunnel’, data can be transferred with ease and without the potential for hacker infiltration. Through the masking of IP addresses and encrypted connections, VPN’s have your security in mind.

Yet, what is the legality of using a VPN to bet?

Legal issues?

In the UK the use of VPNs is entirely authorized, however, this is under the condition that many companies are obligated to provide data access to the government under the Investigatory Powers Act of 2016. Additionally, many betting sites refute the use of VPNs due to the association with a crime when used to place bets on their platforms.

Theoretically, if you had been placing numerous bets on sites forbidding VPNs or had previously selected a country or state that prohibits online gambling and your data had been accessed by government officials, you could be at risk of legal intervention or lose your winnings.

However, there are ways to avoid this:

  • Selecting a location where it is legal to gamble online.
  • Using a betting platform that approves of the use of VPNs.

Each of which could ensure that when placing your bet you are abiding by guidelines and can reap any earnings.

Placing bets

When identifying a suitable VPN for your betting experience, thorough research into the guidelines of the betting site, and the terms of the VPN service is advised to evade any potential service violations. Whilst there are some geo restrictions when selecting a country to have your IP address simulate, if you research countries with lenient gambling legislation comparable to the UK, they could be prime options.

Also, if you leave the UK and travel anywhere in the world that is under these restrictions, by using a VPN identifying your device as in the UK you will be able to access your favorite UK casino sites without restriction. All you need to do to place your bet is simply apply your VPN and you can gamble in anonymity and free of the risk of having your banking details and data viewed by third parties.

If the assurance of having your data encrypted and your identity protected from third parties is appealing – then perhaps a VPN is for you.