Compactus Mobile Shelving: Why You Should Use It

Despite having some hip vibes and serious throwback status, the former King of storage is surprisingly useful.

Utility, technology, and style are probably the three most marketable words for almost any business when you think about it. The idea that something is timelessly useful is a bit of a unicorn these days. Something that can be modified and molded to suit the needs of present-day society, but got its feet wet in the dawn of the early 20th century isn’t just the dream of all hipsters.

Technology is everywhere. You’d be hard-pressed to not wake up to technology and go to bed with it on the same day. It’s imbued in everything, from the watches on our wrists to the way we make coffee. The most mundane of all tasks have somehow slipped through the technological wormhole and come out the other side, glittering with all of the new tech and gadgetry one can imagine.

As far as style goes, that’s fairly well self-explanatory. There’s a reason that every business worth its salt has a marketing division. Why the floor plans and websites of small businesses can make or break a profit margin.

So why not stop the article here? Compactus mobile shelving seems to easily slide its way into all three of these categories. Job has done, right? “Well, while that is true, the compactus units do a bit more than that.” Laughs a spokesperson from Australia’s Premier Lockers. We turned to the experts to demystify exactly why business owners should care about something as innocuous as storage. So what exactly is it about compactus mobile shelving that makes it so desirable in the modern age? They’ve broken it down to the two most compelling reasons why you should use compactus units in your business.


Perhaps the most exciting thing about mobile shelving is its innate ability to conform to the needs of present-day business if you can indeed get excited about shelving. “Compactus units are ideal for just about any type of storage solution.” Say the experts. But what if you want to go further?

The application of compactus units stretches almost as far as a fully disarticulated unit itself. Which, despite our questionable maths skills, is quite a long way. Because compactus units have standardized anti-tilt systems, low profile tracks, and full system locks for security, even your most basic setup is designed with safety and reliability in mind.

Unfurl your imagination a little bit more. Think of the massive data centers than many large businesses keep. Even in modern times these massive bays of computer towers generate huge amounts of heat and require an untold amount of energy and space to run effectively. Introduce a compactus system with a built-in thermostat and electronically controlled movement. Bays would open on-demand, allowing hot air to escape the units that demand it. Install extractor fans to improve the function tenfold.

A small art supply store, which thrives on offering its customers any number of small and jumbled materials in all colors, brands, and mediums. The stock alone would overpower the available floor space of this type of mom and pop. Toss in a few mobile shelving units, elegantly designed to hide everything you’d need in plain sight. Suddenly, you save 50% of your floor space and your customer’s sanity. No more rifling through shelves and bins to find what you need.

Should a business cater to the elderly, the young, the disabled, or any other special needs community, compactus can save the day. With safety features and automatic digital movement. These giants can effortlessly open to allow access to the most treasured and necessary items, even if you can’t do the heavy lifting.

Green Business

Being ecologically minded in business isn’t just a responsible move anymore. It’s something that is quickly becoming law. As the EU and similar litigious bodies begin to crack down on unnecessary waste and fast consumerism, looking forward to longevity is a must.

On the other side of this coin is the fact that buying necessary non-stock items, like storage solutions, less often can help keep operating costs down, so it’s a win-win. Compactus units have been around since the early 1900s, some of which, the original units are still in use. Which is a testimonial to their endurance in and of themselves?

As mentioned above, units can easily be modified to suit the particular needs of businesses. What we failed to mention is that units can be continually modified should the specific needs of business change. Which makes mobile shelving not only an environmentally responsible choice but a long-lasting investment worth a second look.

Compactus units have the ability to create multiple storage spaces for any number of items all in a single bay. This means that while two of the shelving units could function as a place to store stock or office supplies, others can be fitted to store employee items, like bicycles or backpacks. They can also serve to house water coolers, reducing the need for bottled water and incentivizing your employees to bike, walk, jog, or bus to work. Meaning that you could easily integrate wellness programs within your business structure as well.

As the tech of these units progresses, so does their efficiency. Silent motors that run on low energy systems are a great way to reduce utility usage while saving space and keeping your employees safe.

So how far can a compactus unit take your business? You tell us.