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We all know that craigslist is the No.1 free classified site to post ads to buy/sell to used cars, find services, hookups etc. Ad posting in Craigslist is simple and easy. But, what if you want to post more than 1 Ad related different categories in multiple locations? Posting to CL manually is time-consuming and tricky. That’s where Automation tools will help.

There are over dozens of craigslist posting software available on the internet. But many of the Craigslist Auto poster tools will not enable you to avoid banning or deletion. So, guys, today we are going to discuss top 10 best Craigslist posting software tools that are safe and easy to post ads on Craigslist.

With Craigslist posting software, you will be able to post your ad in multiple locations within just a few clicks.

craigslist posting software - craigslist auto posting tools

Best Craigslist Posting Software in 2017

  1. CL Auto Posting Tool

CL Auto Posting tool is pretty simple to use. It has very basic UI that splits the ad posting into different steps that makes it very simple to post multiple ads in different locations. This tool will help you to achieve your marketing goals and greatly minimize the time you generally spend on craigslist.

CL Auto posting tool will rotate multiple emails while posting different ads on craigslist. This will ensure that your Ad looks unique and much less likely to get blocked or ghosted. This tool is very useful for Marketers, Businesses, Auto Dealers, Real Estate professionals, and anyone who want to get more exposure for their ads without much effort.

  1. ASN Auto Posting Tool

This tool is the complete solution to post Ads related to vehicles on Craigslist. With ASN Auto posting, you can select which cities you want to post to, and when do you want to see the ads. And this tool will take care of the rest.

ASN Auto posting tool will be very helpful vehicle dealers who want to reach out to as many people as possible. With craigslist auto posting tool your job is very easy.

  1. Craigslist Classifieds Ad posting utility

Classified Ad posting utility is similar to CL Auto posting tool that allows you to post in multiple categories in different cities. This utility UI looks very basic excel tool but it works. Craigslist Ad Posting utility will enable to add HTML and Images to your Ads to look stand out from others.

I have only worked with this tool a few times. But it is enough to say it works decently. I liked this tool very much.

  1. Crazilla

This tool has the best reputation among all the tools that I have mentioned above. It has a very simple UI with great navigation which can create Craigslist accounts as well as post ads in pretty much where ever you want.

This tool allows you to post Ads on Craigslist, eBay, and Backpage. Crazilla has a very nice feature to drip feed ads with different variations to avoid being flagged or deleted.

  1. Craigslist Quick poster

This tool is one of the gut software to post ads on Craigslist. Users can easily download and Install the software and post ads with just a click. The process is pretty simple and you don’t need to follow a long process to finish posting ads.

Craigslist quick poster as the name suggests – one click, one Ad. This tool is very helpful for small business owners to get more exposure for their ads.

  1. ESC ADPoster

ESC ADPoster is a comprehensive multi-functional tool for posting ads to different electronic boards. You can simply create an ad by composing some text, insert contact details, choose the category and sit back and enjoy how it’s done.

This tool comes with a large database of the most popular free boards divided by regions and topics. You can post unlimited ads to classified sites such as eBay.

  1. CLAD Genius Software

CLAD Genius is yet another best Ad posting software to post on Craigslist, eBay, Backpage and other classified sites. You can easily create Ads and get traffic for Real estate and property rentals, job opportunities, Automobiles, personals, services and much more.

It is easy to get more marketing for your business as the ads are well managed and posted in multiple locations. This tool automates your ad posting campaign.

  1. Ad Master for Craigslist

Tired of posting ads to craigslist manually? Craigslist Ad Master allows you to post Ads automatically which much work. This will give more time to concentrate on other important business matters. You can use this tool with a single PVA (Phone Verified Account) or multiple PVA’s.

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This tool has a built-in variation technology which enables you to post the same ad to many cities. Promote your product or service with ease with Craigslist Ad master.

  1. Craigslister eAssignment

Craislister is a multipurpose tool designed to reduce the costs of business promotion. This tool will allow you to post ads on internationally popular free craigslist classifieds, YouTube, Google, Yahoo, Veoh, Dailymotion and more.

On Craigslist, you can post powerful rich HTML ads, Edit/delete or Rename ads, rotate ad titles and it has many features required to automate posting ads.

Tool of the trade

After using many tools to post Ads to Craigslist, I found Crazilla is the perfect choice for posting ads with complete automation tools. From creating craigslist accounts to posting the same ad on different cities, it has the complete package. I would love to recommend this tool for anybody who wants to automate the ad posting job.

Tips to use safely post using craigslist auto poster tools

So, above are the best Craigslist Posting Software tools available right now. We should be very careful when using these kinds of tools to automate our job. If you don’t use them properly, you are can go blocked or ghosted. So, please follow below few basic tips to avoid banning or being flagged.

  • Download and Install Craiglist posting software of your choice
  • Sign up to a free or premium proxy that has proxies in cities you want to post
  • Acquire phone numbers of each city
  • Drip-feed your ads
  • Always maintain Ad variations

If you follow some basic steps above, you can post any number of ads on Craigslist without being deleted or flagged. Thank you guys for reading this much. If you liked the post, please share with your friends.

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