Dangerous trends that need to be regarded carefully

In the golden age of social media, new trends are emerging every day. Videos are spreading rapidly and one hype follows the next. Sadly, there are also many dangerous trends, some of which can even seriously damage health. On social media, unfortunately, there is no filter for bad ideas and things that had better not be spread. Many users still get involved and follow the trend and peer pressure. However, it is important not to copy stuff without thinking, but to question its usefulness. In this article, we reveal two trends you should be careful with.

Entertainment on Twitch and Co.

Esports and casino streams are growing in popularity, both on YouTube and on Twitch and similar platforms. There’s no question about it: online casinos are places where customers can expect lots of excitement, fun, and opportunities. However, the streaming trend also has some pitfalls. Of course, it’s fun to watch people get passionately angry or excited, to cheer along when someone bets a lot of money, and to pick up new strategies and games.

Following your favorite player for an evening can be significantly better than watching a movie – suspense and action, as well as amusing yourself with tantrums, offers the perfect combination for epic use of time. However, seeing high rollers betting large sums and possibly winning can also make the average viewer – who may not know much about strategy games and has less experience – get too enthusiastic and a bit reckless about the stakes as well.

Furthermore, watching games all the time can also become unhealthy. However, occasional streaming is rather harmless and offers the chance to discover new games which can then be tried out in a responsible manner. Various comparison portals like ArabianBetting help to find the best online casinos. For example, they offer an overview of reputable providers, their game selection, and attractive offers, so that everyone can find the online casino that is suitable for them and their safety. 

Eyelash blowing 

Everyone knows dangerous proverbs like “beauty knows no pain”. Unfortunately, many take phrases like this literally and do everything to meet current ideals of beauty. However, health can be seriously damaged in the process. A current dangerous trend started recently on TikTok. In a video, a user showed her “trick” for perfectly curved lashes: simply put the hairdryer on cold air and hold it on the wet lashes from below, then put mascara on them and fix them with the hairdryer again.

Thousands of followers copied this and the video triggered a real hype. However, ophthalmologists warn against it: hairdryer air dries out the eye. If the retina dries out, the eye is no longer protected and infections can penetrate more easily. In the worst case, this can even lead to blindness. The permanent wind supply can also cause corneal abrasions on the eye. Although the original video referred to using the cold air function of the hairdryer, according to experts, this is hardly less harmful. However, most hair dryers do not even have such a cooling function.

The hot air can also cause eyelashes to burn or fall out because of the strain. This has a great impact on the health of our eyes because the eyelashes ensure that the eye is protected from dust, dirt particles, and other foreign bodies. The trend is also particularly dangerous for eyelash extensions because the heat can even cause them to melt. At the same time, there are many alternatives on how to get perfectly curled eyelashes. Mascara manages to visually thicken the lashes and fixes them in a curved position. Many swear by an eyelash curler which, however, can also cause the eyelashes to break off when used permanently. A good option is lash lifting in which the eyelashes are brought into a curved position with a perm. After that, no makeup is necessary for several weeks. Moreover, if natural ingredients are used, this is not at all harmful to the eyelashes.  

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