Decorate your pooja mandir – easy and affordable hacks

Indians are devoted to several deities and pooja mandir is a significant part of an Indian’s home. If you are one of them who like to do pooja and indulge in such events, you must maintain the sanctity of the place. Many often tend to not have separate rooms around because of the lack of space but with ingenious hacks, you can spruce up your pooja room, irrespective of how much space you have around.

To help you with just that, we have sorted out some of the best points that you need to keep in mind while decorating your pooja room.


Many people have the notion that deities should be placed in specific positions in the pooja room for better prosperity and happiness. If you are one of them, try and use the nook of the room. This corner space has a very amazing spot for the mandir to be set up without taking up much of the space in the room. This is perfect for the people who have a small space to spare. The only thing you need to ensure is to look out for a customized mandir that will fit right into the space that you have going around.


Marble and wood are often the commonly used type of materials for the furniture in the pooja room. If you buy furniture online for your pooja room, it is best suggested that you plan out the things before. Take all the necessary measurements and ensure that you don’t end up getting something that doesn’t even fit. You can also get customized furniture for your mandir because even those options are readily available nowadays.

Metal deities

When it comes to the idols you worship, the best thing that you can do for your pooja room is to get metal deities. For the most part, this helps you save money on a lot of aspects. It is eco-friendly and will last you till you live. It is also quite easy to keep without having to worry about discoloration and such that many often have the issue with. For the most part, the copper or even bronze idols work amazingly to lighten out the appearance and the overall look and feel of the pooja room that you have been aiming for.


Last but not the least that you can do to spruce up the overall look of the room is by adding in accessories. You can add fake flower garlands or even the amazing fairy lights all around the room to bring out the overall look of the room. If required, maintain a theme and aesthetic with this one as well.

Pooja room is an essential part of an Indian’s home and these are some ways you can bring out the overall look of the room. Make sure that you add these into your essentials before setting the entire room up.

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