Designing a New Mobile App? Choose iOS

Apple is undoubtedly at the forefront of mobile technology. Their app store holds more than two million apps available for download and their smartphones continue to innovate. There is a reason for this massive growth, as according to the blog Appinventiv, iPhone apps actually have a better ROI than Android.

The Benefits of iOS

Apple’s mobile operating system continues to reach consumers with its continuously updated technology and dynamic features. As of September 2019, the company’s iOS 13 has been installed on half of all iPhones. The current update of iOS 13 is 13.2, which unveiled Deep Fusion image processing, compatibility between Siri and Apple’s Airpods, and a more inclusive range of emojis. 

Security continues to be a top priority for developers and consumers. Apple’s products continue to provide ironclad security measures for the consumer’s peace of mind. Users can take comfort in knowing their information is safe from hacking and malware – through integrated data measuring systems, preventing duplication of data, and data encryption.

The Apple Store sets quality standards for all new applications before they’re made available to the public. Because each app is vetted before publishing, users are provided a seamless experience on all their Apple devices. Android developers, however, follow a non-standardized approach, leading to inconsistency across their products. 

SwiftUI is the Future 

Apple unveiled its new development framework, SwiftUI, in Spring 2019. SwiftUI is an innovative technology that will allow developers to create powerful new apps drastically faster. With real-time previews of UI codes, smooth animations, and sophisticated interfaces at the developer’s fingertips, building compelling user interfaces will be easier than ever. SwiftUI is the same across iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS, which allows for a consistent transition to all Apple accessories. 

Closed-Source Ecosystems: What to Know

Apple’s exclusive closed-source system comes with benefits. 

A closed model allows a unified experience. The developer can choose almost every aspect from the layout to the colors, providing a similar experience for all users. Closed models can also yield more profit by charging developers to use your API and shutting out the competition by making your design unavailable for them to view. 

Finding the Right iOS Developer 

Your app developer should be a partner in every step of the process. From the original concept to building the wireframe and the user interface, and you should be involved from start to finish. 

Select an industry leading iOS app developer that tailors to iOS design and has experience in building the type of app you’re interested in creating. Ask to see some of their past work or a list of references that you can contact personally. If they’ve sold you on their ideas, you’ll want to make sure they’ve followed through on their promises and met previous deadlines with past clients. 

Communication is key; this process will take some time and your developer should have the patience and collaborative skills to dissect every aspect of the process. Do they understand your vision? Do they provide helpful suggestions to improve your ideas? 

According to AppleInsider, the company reported its highest earnings to date in 2018 with 61.1 billion in revenue driven exclusively by iPhone sales – and this number continues to grow. If you want to excel in this market, do your homework and you’ll find the right app developer for your business. 

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