Developing a Video Game: A Complete Guide for Video Game Developers

Video game development is a process that incorporates various aspects and steps. In this kind of development, there are no shortcuts or easier ways of doing it. You must follow the steps in order to have an effective end product. Whether you are working as a designer or as a producer with the animation studios melbourne, you need to do a lot of research, have a high sense of imagination and creativity. In any video game development, it is very crucial to follow the following concepts.

  1. Picking a Concept

There is no way you can develop a video game without having a concept in mind. Picking a concept means deciding how you want the game to be or the kind of game you want to build. So, if you are a beginner, it is advisable you start with the small and less complex games and advance later. You can check the popular games on the media and note down any ideas you get from the details. You will also need to come up with features to include in the game for a complete product. These features will facilitate the game and make it functional. So, the first thing of developing a video game is picking a concept that will guide you on the features to include or how to develop the game.

  1. Gathering Information

After knowing the type of game you want to build, you will require doing extensive research to know what it entails and the things you need to do. You can look for a guide on game design to help you on creating your video game. Another important thing is choosing the programming language. So, while gathering information, know the language you will use and any resources you will require for the project.

  1. Building

After finding the concept and doing thorough research, it’s now time to start building your game. Select the language for programming and start working on your project. If you choose mobile video games, you will require a bit less technology. You also need to use the best video game development software and hire programmers to script codes for the game.

  1. Refining and Testing

After building the game, take time to look for discrepancies or any issues that can negatively impact the user experience. Ensure your game has all the necessary categories like quests, sounds levels, and others. For adventure games, make sure you create a world that is easy to explore. After making sure everything is in place, test the game. You can either do it yourself or hire another person. A quality assurance tester will assess the game and consider if it is fit for release.

  1. Proper Marketing of the Final Product

After your project is complete, the next crucial thing is marketing the game. So, use various, but relevant platforms to market it. You can also create a website or use social media channels to advertise. Upon release, offer discounts to people who purchase it and ensure you have the free trial version.


These are the simple, but most vital steps of developing a video game from animation studios in Melbourne. The first thing is picking a concept that will guide you on everything else. Then, gather information and start building when ready. Make sure you assess and test the game first before you consider it ready. After that, start marketing on relevant platforms and you are good to go.

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