Difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto over ten years ago. After that, there were various upgrades and were forked over a hundred times. But bitcoin fought all these issues and became the most successful cryptocurrency of recent times.

Bitcoin cash

Before discussing the difference between the bitcoin and bitcoin cash, let us understand the term bitcoin cash.

How does bitcoin cash work?

Bitcoin cash works similarly like bitcoin. The only difference between both is that transactions can be verified more quickly in bitcoin cash than bitcoin. For sending and receiving money, customer needs a bitcoin cash wallet. With this wallet, you can also buy various types of goods and services.

Bitcoin was built with the purpose of not controlled by one person or one group. Bitcoin cash is the next version of bitcoin with differences. A group of bitcoin developers invents the bitcoin cash.

Though bitcoin and bitcoin cash are similar in many ways, there are many technical and ideological differences between bitcoin and bitcoin cash. Let us discuss the main differences between bitcoin and bitcoin cash. You can get more information with bitcoin aussie system.

Different philosophies over bitcoin and bitcoin cash:

From the days of launching, there were many technical issues in bitcoin like it was not capable of handling many transactions through systems of payments like visas. This issue occurred in the year 2017 when the sales were increased, and the average fee of the deal was increased to the height of $55 at the end of the year.

To settle this issue, many solutions were found, and one of the solutions was off-chain scaling. Due to this technology, the fork occurred, and this fork resulted in the production of a new cryptocurrency, known as bitcoin cash. Bitcoin cash keeps the original codebase of bitcoin, and this is without SegWit upgrade. The block size is increased to the maximum limit of 8MB.

Block size of bitcoin and bitcoin cash:

The primary difference between bitcoin and bitcoin cash is the size of the block that is permitted by the network.

The maximum size of the block allowed in the bitcoin is limited to 1 MB. But many blocks set an example of successfully mined blocks that are also larger with the benefits of the SegWit upgrade.

On the other hand, the maximum size of the block allowed by bitcoin cash is 32MB. The size of bitcoin proved helpful in increasing the speed of the bitcoin cash network and the number of transactions.

The average block discovery time of the bitcoin cash is ten minutes. This means that the transactions can be done equally and quickly between the two chains. Still, more sales can be squeezed into each block of bitcoin cash; the overall speed of bitcoin cash network is around a hundred transactions per second, which can be compared to the bitcoin of seven transactions per second.

There are fewer actual transactions in bitcoin cash than the bitcoin since it has larger blocks and benefits from lower fees. Recently the average cost of a bitcoin cash transaction is 0.5 cents, and the bitcoin transaction fee is $2.07.

Other differences between the bitcoin and bitcoin cash:

There are many other differences between bitcoin and bitcoin cash other than block size and SegWit upgrade.

  • There are various additional commands or functions offered in the bitcoin cash, which are known as opcodes. A few years ago, multiple opcodes disabled in bitcoin were enabled on the chain of bitcoin cash, and some more new opcodes were also added. This difference makes bitcoin cash smarter than bitcoin in functionality.
  • Bitcoin cash is considered more centralized than bitcoin. The single pool of bitcoin cash controls more than the quarter of hash rate compared to the less hash rate controlled by bitcoin.


Hence, bitcoin cash and bitcoin are similar in purpose and ambition. But the bitcoin is far more successful in adopting people despite the technical improvements offered by the bitcoin cash.

These were the main differences between the bitcoin and bitcoin cash. It is easy to compare both the cryptocurrencies by studying their variations. Choose your cryptocurrency with your choice and make your life easier.