Top 5 Best Ebook Torrent Sites of 2017 Probably You Don’t Know

By | October 18, 2017

World Wide Web is full of So-Called, Torrents, Internet users often use torrent portals to download free movies and software.


Do you know that you can also use torrents to download free ebooks? Torrents are not only useful to download free movies, games, software, and music but they are also a great resource for e-books.

If you are looking for some of the best ebooks torrent sites, then you came to the right place. In this article, I have featured Top 5 Best Ebook Torrent Sites that will let you download 1000s of e-books for free.

top 5 best ebook torrent sites of 2017

Top 5 Free Ebook Torrent Sites of 2017

1. is one of the best ebook torrent sites where you can find almost any ebook on the internet. There are over 100 categories such as History, Cooking, Psychology, Mathematics, Fiction and so on. You can easily find your favorite book by searching with the name of the author, title, and genre etc. You will find a lot of details like comments, no. of pages, ISBN/ASIN, format and so many to have a quick glance at the book you are going to download.



Wikibooks is one of the best book torrent sites out there. the site provides open content e-books that mean anybody can edit the contents of the book. you will find over 2695 books with 56719 pages. Very useful site for students who can find books related to computing, Languages, Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Science and much more. You will also find cooking related E-books(cookbook) like how to cook chicken tikka etc.


3. Programming Books

If you are interested in programming, this is a gold nugget for you. You will find almost any book related to programming, networking, and Windows. You will find programming books related to C, C#, Java, Python, Android Programming, Php and much more. They also provide books for IT Security, AI and Robotics, Project Management and etc. If you want to become a programmer, this is very helpful for you.

4. Free Ebooks Canada

It is one of the best ebook torrenting sites to download books related to health, relationship, beauty, software, self-improvement, and social media etc. You can easily download your favorite e-book by searching with name or category.



Another popular site with a lot of unique and fresh e-books to download. Here you will find a lot of magazines and books at one place. It offers e-books for Graphics Design, Politics, Novels, Hardware and Web Development etc.


6. Kick Ass Torrents

Kick Ass Torrents has been an ultimate choice in the torrent industry. But, when we look at the books that they are offering is very tiny. And probably this site won’t satisfy if you are searching different ebooks.


7. eBookee

eBookee is one of the best sites for ebooks. Especially for comics. The navigation is clear so that you can easily find the book you are searching for. They also offer most of the books related to technical and programming languages. Some categories are Business, Entertainment, Medical, Technical etc.


8. Zooqle

Zooqle is a great place to download and read a variety of ebooks. It offers Audio books, Comics, Magazines, Text Books and other categories


9. Torrent Off

Torrent Off is the perfect choice for all your book needs. It has a clean design and contains over 700k ebooks in its database. It has nicely organized categories which make browsing a true pleasure. Some of the categories are Magazines, Fiction, Anime, Tutorials, Computers etc. It stood #3 in audio books.


10. Many Books

Many Books is one more best ebook torrent site in the list. The only problem is you have to register for the site to download ebooks. besides that, this is an awesome site where you can find some unique books that you will find anywhere else.


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Final Words

So this is the list of top 5 ebook torrent sites of 2017 with you can easily download any ebook related to cooking, programming, personality development and anything of your interest. Do you like this list? If so please share it with your friends on social media.


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