How to Make Yourself More Attractive to Tech Companies

How to Make Yourself More Attractive to Tech Companies

Landing a dream job does not happen overnight. It takes years to gain the right experience, make the right connections, and finally get an interview with the perfect company.

A well-rounded resume makes a strong first impression on potential employers that would consider you as a candidate. But how can you make sure you have the right skills to show off right from the start?

If you are working toward a job in a technology-based company, there is so much you can learn and do to make yourself even more attractive.

Skills in unique areas and knowledge in important topics just scratch the surface of all you can learn. Take a look at some of the strongest ways to improve your marketability in the tech industry.

How to Make Yourself More Attractive to Tech Companies

Know-How to Work with Others

Working with technology might make you think you will rarely ever have to interact with other people during the workday.

Truthfully, there are so many times you may find yourself working on a team or talking to others about your daily goals at a tech company.

Showing that you can be a team player could land you your dream job in the tech industry. Your collaboration skills will make you stand out from other candidates who might not be used to working with others.

It is important to be able to communicate well with coworkers as well as clients who could keep the company afloat.

Spending long and lonely days behind a computer when you work with technology is a thing of the past. Now, it is important to feel comfortable working on a team to reach a common goal and create the strongest ideas.

Showing your communication skills and ability to work with others is tough through just a resume, so the interview is the vital time to show those skills off.

Use the interview to lead a strong conversation and expand on the experiences listed on your resume to show how they involved collaboration.

It may not seem like a big deal, but being able to work with others is actually important in a tech company.

Have a Working Knowledge of AI

Being able to discuss the important elements of technology is a huge bonus when it comes to showing your tech skills to a potential employer.

One of the biggest technological advancements that are still growing and changing every day is artificial intelligence (AI).

While it has been around since the 1950s, AI has since developed into a vital component of many tech companies. So many technologies use AI that you might not even realize!

AI mimics the human brain and the way it works to carry out similar functions as humans. Digital assistants that you talk to are great examples of AI at work.

AI is also applied in marketing, production, and data analysis, making it useful for more than just your tech job. Cool Things Chicago has a comprehensive guide for people interested in reading up on the subject so you can learn more.

Reading about how AI has grown will help you see clearly into its future. This knowledge will make you an asset to any tech company looking to stay modern.

Keep up with Current Technology Trends

Technology is always evolving, even on a daily basis. You can see this through AI, but also through so many other tech-based subjects.

Staying up to date with what is hot in the tech industry could strike up a useful conversation in an interview. It could also show that you are always immersing yourself in learning more.

Having an awareness of current trends is important to future success. You will be able to see the directions that the market is heading to predict what a company might need to improve or introduce.

A great way to stay informed about the tech industry is to read digital newsletters or articles focused on the area you are interested in.

Some are always free for readers, while other sites may require a subscription. Subscribing to a thoroughly-researched and well-written digital publication could be worth the job it helps you get!

Having as much knowledge and information as possible is a smart move when heading into an industry you feel passionate about, especially one that changes as much as technology does. 

Have a Background in Product Development

While you might specialize in one specific area of the tech industry, it is useful to have a little background in an area outside of your comfort zone.

Production and product development are beneficial for tech employees to learn about because of how competitive the tech market can be.

Every company wants to release the best product that users will jump on in an instant, making it important to follow the right product development process.

Skipping any step could lead to the release of a low-quality product! Even if you don’t work on product development necessarily, it helps to know how it works so you can guide anyone else on your team through the process a product may endure.

Prototyping, testing, and production are all important before providing consumers with the tech they desire. It could help any research you might do or analysis you complete lead to a more successful outcome!

Don’t Be Afraid to Show Creativity

When people hear “technology”, they automatically jump to “science” and “math”. While it is true that so much of technology revolves around these subjects, they are not the only two that hold importance in the field.

Being a little bit creative can go a long way in a technology company. Not everyone has a creative side to show off, which will help yours stand out quite a bit.

You don’t have to be a painter or a world-renowned poet, though it does help to be able to think outside the box to make the work you do more unique.

Creativity can be shown in so many ways, so no matter your position, those skills will pay off. You could flex those creative muscles to help make a positive difference in your dream tech team.

Being able to work for the tech company you desire might seem like a complicated task, but with the right skills, it will be completely achievable. Make yourself more attractive with a few unique assets that will show how strong a candidate you are.

How can a proofreading expert help you improve your writing skills?

When it comes to writing, including all angles and viewpoints in an article is a must and one of the best ways to enrich the content and its quality. The essence of a good proofreading service is to ensure that the content is grammatically correct and free from all spelling and punctuation errors. If the content is clear, concise, and straightforward formulated, then you will not lose the attention of your reader. Furthermore, will the content be easier to understand for the reader

We tested the best proofreading and content editing services and created a list of five points, on how a proofreading service can help you to improve your article, your website presence, and your SEO efforts. If you want to improve your own articles, without compromising the quality of your content and without investing too many resources into it, then we can recommend the following proofreading service: 

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Increasing the chance of your article being quoted or published

When your article is factually correct, easily understandable, and includes various valid standpoints that highlight your argument from different viewpoints, then your chances of your article being shared increases. Your article will showcase the big picture and guides the readers along to the conclusion you choose to promote. If you only highlight a single narrative in your article, it often leads to a restrictive and narrow article, which does not take the many different viewpoints into account, which might exist and thrive amongst the vast readers’ base.

It will ultimately discourage your readers to continue reading your piece. Editing services essentially can help to solve this issue and bridges the gap. Editing services reformulate sentences, that do not make sense to the reader and make the article overall easier understandable. Furthermore, can some editing services highlight miss content or viewpoints? If the editing service can help you to capture the vast number of contrasting opinions that can arise in a specific topic field and then successfully guides the reader to your conclusion, then the investment in the service definitely pays off in the end. However, only specific editing services provide a content check-up, next to the basics of content reformulation and the spell and grammar check.  

The industry authority can improve

When a proof-reading expert reads through your article, then they most likely understand the overall target audience your content is aiming for. They can in some cases reformulate the content of your article in such a way, that it not only reaches your target audience but also encourage them to actively engage with your content.  Today’s websites, blog pages, and social media platforms are flooded with a vast number of articles and opinion pieces. Thus, the probability is quite high that an article with the same topic you are currently writing about already exists.

When the reputation and standing of a business is judges and perceived by the content, they are choosing to publish across social media platforms, then the digital landscape becomes the reflection of the company’s entire business and reputation. Authors, companies, or brands can often lose their credibility and reputation over badly formulated or faulty content, which might not have caught their attention during the proofreading process, before being publishing. Thus, it is especially important to not waste time or resources and to hire a reliable proofreading service to enhance and improve the readability of your content and make it stand out in the industry field.  

Proofreading is the major factor behind the SEO ranking of your website

Good and consistent content can make readers of your content stay on your website. A longer stay on a site and a more engaged reader means in Google’s eyes a website that needs to be placed higher on the search results page. When the relevancy of your brand and website increases, the engagement on your page will increase at the same time. Thus, proofreading can be beneficial to your website’s ranking in the long term.

Legitimacy and credibility 

Grammar mistakes reflect in most cases badly on the legitimacy of the content and credibility of the business. When writing content, you are considered by the reader as an expert in the field. However, if the content contains spelling errors, your credibility will decrease in the eyes of your readers. Thus, a proofreading service can increase the legitimacy and credibility of your website and business. Investing in a proofreading service will take away the worries of missing serious mistakes. 

Stating the obvious

A simple search on Google will provide you with a vast amount of content. To stand out, your content not only has to be textually excellent or has to have an innovative viewpoint, but it also needs to have excellent grammar and in the best case, no spelling errors. Here a proofreading service can give you the edge in your field. It can help you make your content stand out, give your authority, credibility, and legitimacy in your field.  Furthermore, can a proofreading service help you to increase the reach of your content and increase your ranking in Google?

10 Tips to Successfully Pass the IELTS Exam

how to pass IELTS Exam

Since we know that your time is limited, and you ended up in this article because you are desperate to learn about the tips on how you can successfully pass the IELTS exam, we will not waste your time. Here are 10 tips that will make your preparation process easier. Go ahead and take notes while reading.

#1 Build up your basic English skills.

The first thing you want to do before starting the IELTS test preparation process is to improve your basic English skills. What do we mean by saying basic English skills? Those are the things that you should have known after graduating from school. Once you successfully go through the elementary English part, you can already think about starting practicing for the IELTS test.

#2 When practicing English, use as much authentic content as possible.

As the heading says, while practicing, you should consider using as much authentic content as possible. What is that? And can you do that? – It is easy because when saying authentic, we mean that you should get the book that you like and start reading it if you want to advance your reading skills. Or when you are on your way to perfect your listening skills, you can watch the BBC or CNN, and make the process of learning more authentic.

#3 Never memorize, learn it.

This tip is crucial as most of the IELTS students fail to understand it. Always keep in mind, the IELTS test and the English language in general, is not about memorizing things. You definitely would rather understand the concepts, then memorize them. Because if you memorize them, a slight change in the sentence can lead you to confusion. 

#4 Learn the exam format.

How would you successfully pass the test if you do not know the exam format? So to say, that is barely possible. Even native English speakers do need a lot of time getting themselves familiar with the IELTS exam format. So, the lesson here is to dedicate time to learn about the exam format and keep your eye in the possible test updates.

In short, the IELTS exam has four sections: writing, listening, reading and speaking.

#5 Practice and learn time management.

The significant part of any test is time management, and the IELTS test is no exception. To pass the test and get your desired score, you have to learn how you can manage to do the tasks promptly. One right way to practice time management is to set time and practice tasks precisely in the timing that the test requires. That way, you will be able to master time management skills.

#6 Identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Plainly, before taking the test, you should pay attention to your skills. By the time you practice, you will already know which parts are challenging for you and which ones you are more comfortable with. Judging by your skills, you should understand which tasks require more practice time for you, and which ones not. Pay special attention to get better at whatever is hard for you, but don’t ever underestimate and stop practicing for the tasks that you think are easy for you. 

#7 Do not be afraid to try to take mock exams.

Well, imagine you are already at a phase where you think you can slay the exam. But is that even real? Most of the time, students feel that they are ready, but when they take the test, they fail or barely pass the minimum grade. That is why you should take as many mock exams as possible before going for the real one. Mock exams let you know the test format better and experience a close-to-real exam atmosphere.

Best way to take mock exams is to use the official IELTS Cambridge books.

#8 Make sure to cover all of the answers.

And last but not least, never get too excited to finish the task or a particular part of the exam. Always make sure to go back and forth to see if you have covered all of the questions or not. Sometimes students think that they have covered everything, but they tend to forget important details because of the stressful setting. 

#9 On the test day: Be prepared physically.

As mentioned in the subheading, when it is the day of your exam, you should be physically prepared. What do we mean by saying physically prepared? For example, you should have a decent sleep the night before the exam, and not prepare the whole night. Also, consider having an early breakfast before the exam, so you do not feel hungry.

And one more thing, it would be great if you would take a soda drink with you, just in case you feel sleepy during the exam (which you do not want to happen.) 

#10 On the test day: Pay special attention to the word limits and punctuation.

Finally, when you are in the exam process, do not forget about the word limits and punctuation. Students tend to be excited, especially during the writing part of the IELTS exam, as the end of the exam is near. However, while being enthusiastic, do not ruin the last part of the exam, and still pay attention to the details you have practiced.

We hope these tips will help you to get through the preparation process of the IELTS exam. 

Good luck!

How Online Learning Can Reduce the Cost of Higher Education

After the schooling years are over, most students want to continue their learning in a college or university. Only a fewer number of youngsters decide to work soon after they graduate from school. Higher education opens multiple perspectives for young people. However, some don’t always get into the college or university of their dreams because of one important drawback. The cost of higher education is pretty expensive. Many students want to find more compromising options. Thus, they consider online learning hoping that it’ll save more money. Is that really so? Let’s check some important points.

Online learning really costs fewer compared to the traditional on-campus way of learning. It may be even compared with tutoring assistance and the help of a custom paper writing service. Tutoring is commonly the standard way of learning when you meet your tutor and it’s pretty expensive. In the meanwhile, paper writing services are much cheaper and faster.

So, how can a student save his/her earnings? Firstly, there’s no need to visit every class. The interaction between students and professors is carried out via the Internet. As students don’t have to attend their classes and so, it makes sense to make it cheaper. They don’t spend much time on the territory of a college.

Secondly, tuition for online learning is cheaper. Online institutions don’t spend much money to maintain buildings and grounds. It’s only necessary to maintain online connection and learning.

Thirdly, students don’t have to pay too much for their rooms. The traditional method makes many students leave their homes and live either on the territory of their college or rent a room nearby (if they go to another city). Thanks to online learning, they may not spend anything at all because they can remain living with their parents.

Finally, the average fees for online learning are cheaper compared to the traditional ones. The difference is sometimes over $3,000! This factor is pretty convincing, isn’t it?

Other Benefits of Learning Online

If you prefer online learning, you likewise reap some other benefits. They are pretty attractive and before students graduate from their schools, they should know about them too. These are:

  • More free time;
  • Defining an individual learning style;
  • The possibility to work while you learn;
  • Saving your energy, etc.

A student isn’t dependent on the standard curriculum. You’re the only person who decides which learning methods to choose to write every assignment and prepare for exams. Thus, you can adjust them to your learning style. Everything is carried out much faster and so, you’ll have more free time to have some fun, enjoy your life, as well as to find a part-time job and earn some money. Online learning doesn’t require too much energy.

You only should find an accredited institution because not all colleges and universities have the right to teach students online. If you find such an institution, you’re lucky. You can acquire the desired degree by passing an online program comfortably sitting at home.

The art of creating a great essay: writing secrets


All students know what it takes to write a paper as they face this challenge every day and sometimes even a few times a day. With a variety of subjects, an essay can be assigned not only in Literature but in Psychology, Sociology, History and even Math, that is why the most popular search request in Google is tips on writing an essay. Due to the large number of papers requested to write, students don`t really care about the quality and creativity – the main goal is to complete the assignment in the shortest timeframe. But what if you tried to put some more effort into writing an essay?

Getting skills in essay writing

Many students who have poor writing skills, huge workload or just have no time for completing all the assignments use college homework helper as it takes this unpleasant task off their hands. However, the skill of writing is very useful and not only in college but also at work and in your everyday life. Learning how to start an essay, filling it with great content and providing a powerful summary can one day become your advantage and pride. So how can you come up with a perfect essay?

  1.   Get the question. What exactly is said in the assignment? What is your professor expecting to see? Think about the essay topic, the research you need to do, the length, structure, relation to the lectures, etc. The better you understand the question, the more valuable your essay will be;
  2.       Choose the topic. If you are not assigned something specific, it`s time to apply your creativity. Think of the themes that will best fit for this essay and then narrow down your list to the ones you like more. Ask for a teacher`s assistance if necessary or get some help in assignment writing;
  3.       Look for credible sources. Your paper should be based on credibility and right supporting arguments, so you have to research the sources that can provide you with this information. It may be academic journals, textbooks, articles, educational websites, books, etc;
  4.       Get an outline. This will be your plan of the future essay, the properly structured thoughts. First, write all of them down, and then divide into paragraphs not to miss an idea, leave spaces in case you do miss it. Now you are ready to write;
  5.       Write. First, you should create a thesis that will describe your purpose to the reader and which needs to be proved in conclusion. Then go introduction, main paragraphs, and conclusion. Try to devote every idea to one paragraph not to mix everything up;
  6.       Proofread. Reviewing the final essay is a must. You can move slowly from the draft to an essay and then to the proofreading stage to make sure you didn`t miss anything and didn`t leave any mistakes or typos. It will make your essay more acceptable academically and look more professional;
  7.   Don`t fake it. Your professor is definitely smart and will understand if you write about the topic having no idea about the content and just aiming to make it longer. So try to make a shorter but more valuable essay and demonstrate your knowledge of the topic and work with arguments.

The key secret of a well-written essay is your interest in the result. If you concentrate on the topic and put more effort than usual, you will have a great paper that will get an excellent grade.