Top 10 English Learning Youtube Channels

English Learning Youtube Channels for Beginners: Youtube is one of the biggest platforms for learning new skills. It is a free platform where you can create, share and learn pretty much anything you can imagine of. You just need a good internet connection. 

It can also help you in terms of language learning. If you want to learn the English language, you will see a huge amount of English language channels on Youtube. You will also find some really exciting English language learning channels for your kids. 

Now there can be a question: which one is best for you? So we did some research for you. And in this article, we will talk about the top 10 English learning Youtube channels. 

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English Learning Youtube Channels for Beginners

First of all, let’s talk about some of the best English language learning apps for beginners. 

Speak English with Mr. Duncan

Mr. Ducan is very passionate about English. He is addicted to it. He teaches the English language for free through his Youtube channel all over the world. He comes on his channel 3 days a week from his house. His home is in England. 

He is more into speaking language rather than English grammar. His videos are fun and easy to learn. This is for beginners. 

Easy English

Easy English is one of the best and the most useful English language learning youtube channels. It is for beginners. They teach English through real-life conversation and interaction with English speakers. It is more like an interview. 

You will know the correct pronunciation and also get used to hearing the English language from various types of people.

BBC Learning English 

British Broadcasting Corporation, is the full form of BBC. It will be very hard to find any other better place in terms of learning English. Every day you will find a new lesson on the BBC learning English language channel. Every lesson is designed to progress in English effectively by using a variety of formats. 

It is for people of all ages. Because they provide very standard lessons. Even the children can also watch them. 

Intermediate English Learning Youtube Channels

Secondly, we will talk about some of the English language learning youtube channels for the intermediate level.

It is a very good place for those who already have a bunch of knowledge about the English language. It will help you to upgrade to the next level. They have a very good pace in teaching the English language. 

You will get to choose from a huge amount of options. And also it suits the intermediate level of learners.

On the Go with EF

On the go with EF is a very different way to teach you English. You can say it is a very entertaining way. It can even make you experience a virtual holiday while learning the English language. 

EF vloggers show you some of the most amazing cities and talk about their culture, festivals, and languages. You can explore so many different places while learning the English language.

VOA Learning English

The full form of VOA is Voice of America. If you are interested in learning about the American language, then this is the one for you. It is a very wonderful idea from international news and broadcaster. 

In this way, you will know about the American English language as well as current affairs. All of these you can get while improving your English skills. 

Advanced English Learning Youtube Channels

After the intermediate level, we will talk about the advanced level. These are for those who have a very good idea of the English language.

Rachel’s English

At this level, people are more likely to perfect their English language. And if you want to make your pronunciation perfect and to speak natural English, Rachel’s English is the one for you.

She is a trained opera singer who is an expert in English pronunciation. You will like her lesson in a sec.

Business English Pod

Sometimes we need to speak English at work. Because globally it is the most used language. During presentations or meetings, we often use some words which we do not use generally outside. This is where you need a Business English Pod. 

Because they give lessons to cover complex language situations. They talk about topics like law, finance, economy, etc. 

English Learning Youtube Channels for Children 

We have also seen some language learning youtube channels for children. Let me show you some of the best Youtube language learning Youtube channels for your children. 

British Council Learn English Kids

You kids will learn the English language in a very fun way with the British Council Learn English kids youtube channel. They upload videos in various formats. They put very simple videos, some animated nursery rhymes, songs, and stories. 

These are perfect for your children to learn English. In this way, your kids will also get attracted to learning the English language. 

Fun Kids English

Fun Kids English is an amazing engaging channel for kids. It is for all ages of children. The way they teach English and approach is very professional. They have created their channel with experts. They are very consistent with their work. 

Each and every video they create helps kids to learn about the alphabet, animals, phonics, colors, actions, jobs, and a lot more. 


I hope this article will help you to choose the best English learning youtube channels for you. But we all know that to learn English more effectively, you will need an English tutor. And we will highly recommend you to visit AmazingTalker. 

You will find the best English tutors from all over the world. Not only for English but also for any foreign language, you will find your desired language learning tutors.

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