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Top 5 Ethereum Alternatives for Smart Contracts, ICOs, and DApps (2018)

Ethereum is the second most valuable Cryptocurrency next to Bitcoin. It became widely popular in recent times because of its ability to deploy Smart contracts, ICOs, and DApps etc. Today almost every ICO is built on Ethereum’s ERC-20 platform. But in the long run, Ethereum has some scalability issues and many times it’s very slow.

This creates a room for new startups to fill the gap. It’s always better to have a competition in this growing crypto space. Today, I am going to discus some of those Ethereum alternatives here.

You can consider these coins as promising investment projects if you feel you missed out on Ethereum. Anyway, Lets check it out.

Ethereum Alternatives

1. NEO

NEO, often called as Ethereum of china. It is an open platform for Smart Economy which digitizes assets; automate management of digital assets using smart contracts. The platform is ready to use. A lot of projects have already been developed using NEO. For example NEX, Switcheo(decentralized exchange),and NEO tokens such as Qlink, and Red pulse etc.


  • Supports Smart contracts, ICOs, DApps
  • Specialized in Smart Economy

Status: Running Now

Technology: C#, Java and Other mainstream programming languages

Source Code:


Ardor is scalable blockchain-as-a-service platform for business.  It is going to be a tough competitor to ethereum in the near future. Using Ardor, you can create smart contract in just 5 minutes and it takes only 2 minutes issue the tokens.

The company has not initiated any marketing campaigns yet. Once it does, the price may go up to $10 at least in 2018.


  • It utilizes Proof-of-stake, so no additional processing is needed for mining.
  • It is Fast, Scalable and secure
  • Quick issue of smart contracts and tokens

Status: In Development


Official Website:


Waves is another promising alternative to Ethereum. It is still growing. Iam sure it will definitely compete with Ethereum in future.

It’s has an exchange, planning to offer smart contracts, over 11000 tokens have already issued.

You can use this platform to crowd funding for the development of your project.

Advantages: easy issue of tokens for your business for crowd funding, locality programs, voting and more.

Status: Running Now

Technology: Phython

Official website:

4.  QTUM

QTUM is a Singapore based blockchain entity. QTUM’s core technology is a combination of the fork of Bitcoin, an Account abstraction layer, and PoS consensus to tackle industry use cases.

Advantages: You can deploy Smart contracts and DApps using QTUM blockchain simply, and securely than ever.

Status: Mainnet launched

Technology: C, C++, Javascript, Typescript, PHP

Source Code:

5. Counterparty (XCP)

Counterparty extends the functionality of Bitcoin But in new and powerful ways. You can write smart contracts and create powerful applications using the platform.

They have a lot guides for developers to create the applications on counterparty.

Main Advantages: Create your own digital tokens in a matter of seconds.


1.Counterparty Wallets

2.Bitcoin Friendly

3.Lightening network

4.Secure and Open source

Status: Running Now

Technology: Phython, Javascript, C++, PLpgSQL

Developer resource:

Source Code:

6. RSK (Rootstack)

RSK is one of the first open-source smart contract with a 2-way peg to Bitcoin. That also rewards bitcoin miners via merge mining, encouraging them to actively participate in the smart contract revolution.

RSK was built keeping below things in mind below.

Bitcoin Friendly

RSK supports the legacy of Bitcoin’s pioneers. It is filling the gap with Smart contracts ability.


The RSK blockchain is secured by merge-mining, which means we can achieve the same security as Bitcoin for double spend prevention and settlement finality.


RSK can pull of 100 transactions per second (same as PayPal). Also, unlike bitcoin, you can make Instant payments using RSK, which allow new use cases such as retail store payments, and transactions in online games.

Status: Running Now

Technology: C++, Java, Javascript, CSS, Shell

Source Code:

7. Bitshares

Bitshares platform is run and maintained by the Bitshares community- an open consortium of individuals and organizations commited to provide universal access to the power of smart contracts.

working together, this comminity has developed numorous innovative features which are not found elsewhere in the smart contract industry.


  1. stable cryptocurrencies
  2. Decentralized asset exchange
  3. Industrial performance and scalability
  4. Dynamic account permissions
  5. User-issued assets
  6. Transferable named accounts
  7. Delegated proof of state consensus

Status: Running Now

Technology: Graphene

Source code:

8. Expnase

Expanse is another promising project that has nice ideas in store. The platform is easy to adopt and flexible.

The blockchain uses Proof of Work consensus.

Use cases:

  1. Raise funds to your ideas
  2. The power to change the dynamics of Elections
  3. Build and use decentralized applications

Status: Running Now

Technology: Solidity

Team: A small team of 3 developers, advisors, marketing specialists and an art director.

Source code:

Over to You

These are some of known Ethereum Alternatives in the market. You can use these ethereum alternatives to write smart contracts, ICOs and also develop blockchain Apps. What do you think of this list? Did I miss any promising coin? Eitherway let me know in the comment section below.

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