Everything you must know about antimicrobial keyboard covers

When you need to maintain hygiene next to your desk, you have to slow down the spread of bacteria and viruses. Using keyboard covers prevents the laptop’s keyboard from coming in close contact with dust particles and moisture. 

As you read further, you will also get an idea about how you can choose a cover for your laptop’s keyboard. Let’s check out more about antimicrobial keyboard covers with this in mind. 

What is an antimicrobial keyboard cover?

When you come across an antimicrobial keyboard cover, it contains an ingredient such as silver ion. Such kind of ions kills up to 99.99% of bacteria and virus. The presence of microbes on your laptop is why you must use a laptop keyboard cover as a precaution.

On the other hand, your hands can contact the germs if you cover the keyboard with a simple cover. You are likely to get infected when you touch your face and nose if you don’t use an antimicrobial cover.

The silver ion powder attracts the micro-organisms as soon as you cover the laptop’s keyboard with the cover. Hence, when the bacteria come close to the ions, it affects their DNA strands. While the bacteria die after a while, they also don’t produce strains once again.

A keyboard cover also protects humans from getting infected due to salmonella and coronavirus. Apart from protecting the keyboard against bacteria, the cover also offers protection against dust particles, liquid spills, and moisture in the air. 

But, why are keyboard covers important?

There are numerous reasons you need to protect your laptop using a keyboard cover skin. So, let’s check out the reasons one after the other.

  • A usual keyboard surface has 20,000 times more micro-organisms that you can’t observe with the naked eye. The keyboard also has more germs than you will observe around the toilet seat. But, when you start using a keyboard cover, it can protect humans from plenty of pathogens.
  • As you use a keyboard cover, it can also protect those who share laptops with others. Due to the overlays, the keyboard cover also mitigates the risk of getting infected due to someone else. While sweat settles on such covers, you can easily wipe the keyword cover with a dry cloth. This tip further curbs the spread of germs, which can considerably affect a person’s health.
  • When you clean the laptop with a liquid, the moisture around the keyboard can be a root cause of pathogens. However, when you use a keyboard skin, it can kill the germs in less time. Once the ions contact the germs, they deactivate the micro-organisms entirely.
  • When you use a sanitizer to clean the laptop, it can cause allergies. Way ahead, when you have to bear with the allergy, you wouldn’t be able to focus on your work. But, when you cover the keyboard with the skin, the bacteria get killed as quickly as possible. You will no longer have to buy a sanitizer to clean the keyboard.

Why must you always cover the laptop’s keyboard with a cover?

When you use a silicone keyboard cover, it will protect you from direct contact with pathogens. If you face a dusting problem, you can think about buying a washable keyboard cover.

The best thing about the keyboard skin is that it offers round-the-clock protection. The silver ions are responsible for destroying the micro-organisms when they stay active for a long period. 

Apart from everything else, the keyboard cover doesn’t affect the environment. Note that the product doesn’t affect the health of pets. You will not have to bother about your pet’s health even when they accidentally lick or bite the keyboard skin while playing.

Bottom Line

It’s pretty easy to use the keyboard cover. Once you source a suitable keyboard skin, you can line it up across the keys. You also have to remember to lay down the cover gently. As soon as you place the keyboard cover, it will not impact how you type. Instead, it will protect you and your laptop. While working professionals need to use the keyboard cover, people working in a dirty environment can also use the cover. To know about the size of the keyboard covers, you can visit some websites.

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