Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cleaning Service for Your Business

In the time of COVID-19, cleanliness is one of the key priorities when it comes to every space. That is why as we slowly return to our normal grind, it is important to continue implementing thorough cleaning and disinfection measures in any establishment be it malls, offices, or even homes so that the health and safety of the general public can be assured. 

Since maintaining a clean and sanitary office is essential to employee and customer wellbeing and safety, careful consideration should be given in deciding which professional cleaners to work with. There are a lot of factors to be considered when choosing a cleaning service for your business space. The first thing you can do is research and shortlist options that fit your needs. You can check out cleaning services Houston for credible companies offering high quality, efficient and affordable services. 

Below are other things you should look for to get the best cleaning service for your business: 

Your Cleaning Needs

Office space, equipment, and room types will affect the kind of cleaning service and the number of personnel needed. Before reaching out to shortlisted cleaning services, make sure to create a list of tasks and requirements to guide them in cleaning your workplace. It will help to specify the specific rooms, storage spaces, number of desks, and list of equipment that need regular cleaning and disinfection so the cleaning service can also prepare a packaged rate catered to your identified tasks.

Experience and Credibility

Hiring a cleaning service for your business can be costly. Since you are making quite a big investment, it is advisable to do proper research and make sure that your cleaning service options are trusted names in the industry. They should also have years of experience under their belt so you can be assured that you are getting your money’s worth. Companies with more experience have more developed and improved cleaning systems and are more comfortable handling any issues that may arise. 

Check if they have serviced similar businesses and have the right equipment to cater to your comprehensive cleaning and disinfection needs.  Proper employee training and certifications are key considerations as well.

Reviews and recommendations

 Checking testimonials from satisfied customers is a must before hiring a cleaning service. It is one thing for companies to promote their own business but authentic positive reviews prove that the cleaning service is true to what it advertises. 

You can ask for references from their previous and current clients or visit the cleaning company’s social media pages, consumer forums, and online communities reviewing cleaning service companies to get more information and recommendation from fellow business owners. Through these pages, you can also ask about particular services to choose that are more cost-efficient. 

Services and Packages Offered

There are various companies offering a wide range of cleaning services – deep cleaning, vacuuming, organization, exhaust fans, and air-conditioning services among others. Create a list of what your business office needs among these services and only include professionals that offer all of them. 

Some of the services you should include are Carpet cleaning and floor buffing, window washing, daily trash disposal, restroom and pantry cleaning, and extensive disinfection.

Apart from this, you should also ask for packages or plans that you can customize to maximize your allocated budget. You can select just a few services for weekly cleaning paired with some services that can be done quarterly or bi-annually. 

Hiring Policies and Turnover Rate

How a cleaning service screens its employees is one factor you should consider. It is important to do background checks on potential cleaners so make sure that everyone is trustworthy, accountable, and qualified. 

It is also advantageous to hire a company that does not have a high turnover rate. Since you will most likely work with the cleaning crew for a long period of time, they should also be familiar with your company’s practices and needs and should be comfortable working in your facility. Having a consistent crew to service your business means they can be properly trained and can improve more in time.

Budget and Cost

Cost is certainly an important factor but it should not be the only consideration that you have. While choosing options that are within budget, you should still put importance to the quality of work and expertise. 

Long-term contracts with cleaning services may offer a more affordable rate versus one-time services. If you are looking to work with a professional team for a year or more, you can opt for an annual contract to save on costs.

Schedule and Availability

Regular cleaning and disinfection take a lot of time to do so you have to schedule wisely as to not disrupt your business operations. 

Ideally, daily cleaning services should be done in the morning so employees can be greeted by a fresh, clean space and be more energized to start their days. For businesses with a graveyard schedule or a 24/7 schedule, daily cleaning can be done during work hours in common areas like the pantry, restrooms, or unoccupied meeting rooms while the desk and thorough cleaning can be done on weekends. 

Insurance and Liability

One factor that’s often overlooked is insurance coverage. Make sure that the team you decided to onboard is insured so that you are covered should there be an unfortunate incident happening while cleaning your office premises. 

Aside from insurance, you should also sign a contract that entitles your company to a trial period so you have time to evaluate if you are satisfied with the cleaning services team. Setting an evaluation period will also allow you to request changes and improvements in the services that were agreed upon.

Covid Safety Procedures

Your chosen cleaning service should also commit to complying with required health and safety protocols. Ideally, cleaners assigned to your business office should have gone through testing and should wear the appropriate protection while cleaning on the premises such as PPEs, face masks, or face shields to ensure both their and your employees’ safety.  

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