Top 10 Best Family Safe Movie Review Sites With Kids in Mind

You have decided to watch a movie with your children then suddenly wonder if this is suitable for your 13-years old. This is a common worry for parents watching movies with kids. If you are a parent with a family you should have already realized that you need some reliable information on movies before showing them to your kids. But browsing the web for the movie sites that provide movie reviews with kids in mind can be a burden.

Luckily, there are a few movie rating sites online that provide family safe movie reviews. Today, I have listed 10+ of those here so that you can find your movie/series in one of these sites. Unlike normal movie reviews sites, these sites provide specific details for a parental guide like Age, language, Violence, Sex, Nudity, and other parental guides.


The List of Best Movie Review Sites for Parents

The websites provided below have reviews differently. For example, few websites provide reviews as comprehensive as possible. And some provides as a 1-minute video review. Deciding on which is the best depends on how you want it. Ultimately, all these websites will let parents make the informed decisions with what kind of movies to watch.

Plugged In

Plugged In is a popular review site for Movies, TV Shows, Music, Games, and Books. It is definitely worth a visit if you really care about the suitability of the entertainment for your kids. The reviews are very detailed and categorized into positive elements, Spiritual Content, Violent content, Sexual content, and more.

ON the right side, you can find the movie summary like Rating, Genre, Cast, Director, Distributor etc. You’ll also see a Content caution for parents with different levels for Kids, Teens, and Adults. The site is available to follow on Facebook, Twitter, and a Mobile App.

Pros: Most of the reviews are well balanced. You can quickly scan through the content and find the information most relevant to you.

Cons: Lacks real user reviews

Plugged-In movie review site for parents

Official Website:

Movie Guide

Movie Guide is another useful movie review site for parents. It doesn’t have any family specific movie reviews. However, it has the summary pages with all the information required for a family audience. Each movie review has an easy to read chart showing Language, Violence, Sex, and Nudity levels. It also starts the movie review with kids in mind.

You can follow movie Guide reviews on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or on YouTube.

Pros: In addition to the movie information that families need it also includes an actual critique.

Cons: It doesn’t provide any trailers and user reviews.

Official Website:

Box Office Mom

Box Office Mom site gets more appeal to parents as gets straight to the things a parent looking for. In the full review she has discussed a lot of points in detail. So, if you still unsure you can read the full review. Each film has entries for:

  • Rating
  • Release Date
  • MPAA Rating
  • Age Group
  • Sexual Content
  • Violent/Disturbing Content
  • Crude or Profane Language
  • Drug and Alcohol Content
  • Will kids/Teens like it?

She seems to cover any and movies that kids will bother their parents about. There are few R-rated movies in the bag, which is a Big NO for kids. While others can be possibly viewed by mature 17+ old kids.

Pros: She has quickly listed out all inappropriate material found in the movie at the start.

Cons: Doesn’t have as many family movies as necessary. But the popular ones are covered.

Official Website:

Kids in Mind

It is a sister site to designed to help families decide on what kind of movies and entertainment they should have with their kids. The reviews are very wordy. It focuses on 3 three major areas of concern for parents like Sex & Nudity, Violence, and Profanity. Each movie has a chart for severity levels for above.
Follow Kids in Mind via Facebook, or download their iPhone or iPad app.

Pros: Provides lots of details required to make a quick decision.

Cons: It lacks user reviews and trailers
Official Website:

Commonsense media

Commonsense media has a unique way of showing their movie reviews. The Movie reviews page has a list of latest movie with just Age and Star rating along with a video review. In the video, they explain the characters (in voice-over) and other details required to make a decision.

The reviews are very comprehensive and let you know if it has any educational value along with covering the usual
parental worries. In case, you are unable to watch the video review, you can click on the text version to read it.

Pros: The site is easy to browse movies for the family. It also has reviews for books, games, music and more.

Cons: Not every movie has a video review and it doesn’t provide the theatre show times.
Official Website:

Raising Children

The raising children website has a lot of information parents with kids in mind. But, their movie reviews are worth a mention. While browsing their movie reviews page, you can see the special icon next to the poster. By seeing itself you can decide for whom that movie is intended for.

Raising children is an Australian site; all the movie reviews are complying with Australian council on children and Media. By clicking the movie further, will give you more information on the story, Themes, Violence, Sexual references, Content that may disturb children and more.
Pros: A lot of symbols help you easily decide whether the movie is safe for family or not.
Cons: Lacks user reviews

Clubhouse Movies

As the online magazine for kids, the content is all geared towards kids. Alongside movie reviews, this site also has games, videos, crafts, and other activities.
The site provides reviews for only PG Movies. So you never have to worry that kids will stumble upon a scary movie. This is a safe site for kids. You can even involve your kids while reading the movie reviews on this site.

Pros: Most of the movies reviewed here are PG and appeal to younger audience.

Cons: It lacks movie previews and they do tell an awful lot about the movie’s plot.
Official Website:

Parent Previews

Initially, it started as a small column on movie reviews for a family. It has now become a full fledged movie review site for parents. The site only reviews movies with a rating of G, PG, or PG-13. Often you will also find some R rated movies. However, those movies are incomplete in review. But provide you questionable content for parents like violence, sexual content, languages, offenses, cast & crew, trailers, synopsis and more.

Speaking of the reviews, there are users reviews you need to be logged in leave them. You can also hear a short critique of the movie. Overall, parent previews is a perfect family friendly movie review sites that provide critiques and as well as grades of what’s in theatres now and DVDs.
Pros: The site is well designed making it easy to jump to the interesting part of the review. It also reviews DVDs, movie extras, and news.
Cons: It doesn’t provide a full analysis of R-rated movies.
Official Website:

Fandango Family Movies

The popular ticket purchasing website has a dedicated page for movies. In this section, it provides only family friendly movies. You can filter movies by age group (3-6, 7-12, and 13+). Each movie has a synopsis, cast & crew, release date, trailer, movie times, tickets and more.

Pros: It has an easy way to filter movies. And the reviews are from the real users.

Cons: The number of movies is limited to what’s currently in theatres.
Official Website:

Dove Foundation

Dove is a nonprofit organization is providing family friendly movie reviews to help parents decide which movies are suitable for their kids. The site recently stopped reviewing NC-17 movies. It is simply showing that “Not recommended for families”. The movie listing includes a synopsis, a family-centric review, with an incomplete description, and movie details.

The Dove Foundation is best known for its scorecard that shows the severity of sex, language, violence, nudity, drugs and other inappropriate things in the movie. You can find reviews of Movies currently in theatres, DVDs and TV Series as well.
Pros: The site provides a reliable family movie reviews and provides videos to purchase.

Cons: It doesn’t review NC-17 Movies, coming soon movies etc.

Official Website:

My Final Thoughts

As a parent I recommend you to visit and browse movie information to make better decisions. Some of them will definitely attach to your family more than others. but, most of them will offer a good amount of the latest movie reviews with kids in mind. I suggest you follow and download all of the apps that I mentioned above. so that you’ll get drip feed of latest information on movies and you can queue up your next Netflix list. Cheers.