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A few scripting languages have the feature to make customized mobile applications with rich functionalities. JavaScript is one of these scripting languages. It is abbreviated as JS. JavaScript mobile development companies offer services in many fields like AWS, web development, Serverless consulting, native mobile development, customized Web development and many more. These companies’ stack is based on Typescript, Node.js, Vue.js, GraphQL, AWS, Firebase, iOS Swift, Kotlin, Java Android, Serverless, Node.js, JavaScript, Objective-C. Java Developers provide professional services around the globe. JS developers mainly customize services according to the needs of their customers. Often the customizing process depends on the type of demand in the present market. 

Service Offered

JS is a programming language that conforms to the ECMAScript specification. It is a high-level, multi-paradigm and just-in-time compiled. The descriptions of services offered by a JavaScript mobile development company are as follows.

Web Development

These companies use Node.js and other frameworks of the language like Express.js, Hapi.js for backend development. When they use Node.js, Java developers get the benefit of build high-load and scalable web development of high performance. For the frontend development, these companies apply Angular, React.js, Vue.js for a beautiful and efficient frontend. This helps in the complex process of diagramming, building analytics of social media. JavaScript also helps in building a website of e-learning and live-streaming website. 

Native Mobile

The companies that prefer JS take advantage of the iOS platform to build a customized mobile application. These companies build these applications in Swift and Objective-C. For Native Android app development, JS developers use JavaScript for making dynamic applications. With the help of Java, it’s also possible to make a seamless Android application. These android applications are easy to build with JS. Furthermore, JS enables these native mobile applications to function in a wide spectrum of services. These companies also provide some other services. Examples of these services are as follows.


  1. JavaScript-based portal development
  2. Plugging and modules for developmental Process.
  3. JS e-Commerce development
  4. Applications’ enhancement and modernization
  5. Js maintenance and support

Types of Javascript Expertise:

A mobile development company requires many types of JavaScript expertise. These are as follows.

  1. Node Js Development

Node Js was built as a scripting language for UI development. It is the most preferred programming language in the modern-day. A recent study reported that more than 69.8% of e-Commerce developers worldwide utilize Node JavaScript for development. Node.js helps to build real-time and scalable applications that meet business goals.

  1. Angular JS Development

These are open-source frameworks that augment Web applications with MVC capability. It offers a flexible framework as it has a two-way data binding system. 

  1. React JS Development 

This provides high-end solutions for Web and mobile with interactive UI design. It is also well-known as React.js or ReactJS. This is a JavaScript library for constructing user interfaces. The best use of React is as a base in the development of mobile applications.

  1. Meteor JS Development 

This is a popular side open-source framework that generates a high-quality cross-platform for both iOS and Android platforms.

  1. jQuery 

It is a JavaScript library which is built for easier HTML DOM tree traversal and manipulation. Furthermore, Jquery helps in event handling, Ajax and CSS animation. Anyone can get Jquery at no cost which open-source software using the lenient MIT License. It helps to build applications that help to target customers to increase business revenue.

  1. Vue.JS Development 

It has a lightweight API that is generally used in the single-page website with higher quality UI. The operational and development cost can be lowered by using Vue.JS WEB App Development. 

  1. Backbone JS Development 

It is used to customized single-page Web applications. Furthermore, this helps to simplify the codes and reducing dependency on DOM. 

  1. Knockout JS Development 

This architecture helps to design compatible and scalable websites.

Features of a Good JavaScript  Development Company

These companies should have some specific features to fulfill the requirements of modern clients. JS Developers should have the ability to build JavaScript-based applications from scratch. Most of the time a client provides concepts of their requirements. After that, JS developers build an application that performs to meet those requirements. A professional developer should use the latest frameworks and update their frameworks whenever needed. A good JavaScript developer should always scalable codes that are fully functional and reusable. A good JavaScript programmer should have excellent communication skills. It helps to understand the needs of clients. Communication skills are essential for building an application from scratch. Furthermore, the JavaScript codes should be flexible with the different time zone. These companies should have a developing and integration feature of JS library. A good company that uses JavaScript should also troubleshoot any problem if required. Professional developers should use UI / UX designing a structure in the required cases.

Function of JavaScript

This is a client-side scripting language i.e. this script is executed, read and interpreted on a user’s Web browser. It is proffered by the programmers as this can be used in both front and back end of Web development. This language works along with document object models. Furthermore, this provides a range of libraries and frameworks. These libraries and frameworks are used for making complex Web applications with low overhead. This language is also used in a server application, smartwatch application, games, etc. Professional JavaScript consultants make a thorough analysis of the client’s requirements. Then they suggest the best java platform for optimum results. The final version of the customized application should be dynamic and responsive.


A pro team of JavaScript developers can offer customized solutions for their clients. JavaScript-based applications should have an intuitive and clear structure.  This helps in optimization on mobile. This helps to meet the business goals of their clients. Furthermore, these applications should have a feature to connect people who have similar demands. This can be done by the integration of social media and the matching algorithm. A JavaScript mobile development company should bring an advanced level of operational excellence for clients. 

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