How to fix a VPN that is not working?

Cybercrime has become a current global issue. Every day, a company or individual is brought down by a hacker. Hackers are driven by using people’s information for ill-founded agendas. In the fight against hackers, you have to aggressively protect your IP address from hacking. There is a myriad of ways that a hacker can get through to your IP address and compromise the security of your system.

A VPN is very resourceful when it comes to protecting yourself from IP address hacking. When you have spent a lot of money on a sophisticated VPN, the last thing you want is to encounter an IP leak. In that case, how do you know if your VPN is even working? The one way to know this is by conducting a VPN leak test.

The most common VPN leaks

VPN leaks can prove hard to spot, especially if you are using Instant Proxies.Since a VPN is supposed to guarantee your full security, here are the common VPN leaks to check for:

  1. IP leak

An IP address provides a lot of information about you. Given that it is your unique identity on your devices, you cannot afford an IP leak happening to you. An IP leak regardless of VPN happens based on incompatibility of IPv4 and IPv6 protocols.

  1. DNS leak

A DNS is your domain name system that translates domain names into IP addresses. Your DNS address can reveal your IP as well as your location. A DNS server is typically what users use to control and manage their internet activities.

Those two are the main leaks that could sabotage your security. Identifying them, however, has to start from checking whether your VPN is working.

How to check for IP and/or DNS leaks

There are different tools to test the functionality of your VPN. Regardless of the tool you choose to use, the check will happen in the following steps:

  1. Access your original IP address from your Internet Service Provider.
  2. Turn off your current VPN, then open your browser on the testing website. An example of a testing site includes,,,, and ExpressVPN leak tests, to mention a few. The site will give you the public IP and DNS server address. Since the VPN is turned off, the addresses displayed will be your real addresses. Note them down as they will guide your next step.
  3. Turn on your VPN
  4. Go back to the test site and refresh it. If your VPN is working, the addresses displayed when your VPN is on should be different from those when your VPN is off. If this is not the case, then your VPN is not working, and your data is absolutely leaking to the public.
  5. As for the DNS test, the procedure is the same. Only this time, the displayed characters will not be numbers, but a location. If your VPN is working, the test should display a location of choice that is not your actual geographical siting.

How to fix a VPN that is not working

The one obvious way to resolve this mess is by changing your VPN provider. If you make this move, be sure to opt for a provider that has a dedicated DNS Server and offers protection services.

Further, you can check for VPN malware. If you are using free VPN, then you should anticipate malware attacks. Free VPNs are not recommended because they come with ads that are not only annoying but can lure you into catching malware on your devices. At all times, be sure that your antivirus is on guard and up-to-date. While at it, watch out for any reconnections, network interruptions, and VPN crashes that could be assign of your VPN malfunctioning.

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  • I’ve had a scary experience with a free VPN. While the VPN was turned on, I checked for IPleaks aaand it showed not only my IP but the exact physical location. So I would advice to spend a few bucks for a decent VPN. I bought nordvpn as I got it from a youtuber who was giving away coupons, got it pretty cheap as well. Yet I’m still checking for IPleaks everytime I log in anywhere, but probably that is just my paranoid head since for two years there were not leaks.