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The 21st century has arrived, and individuals are turning to new technology to make simple activities. Additionally, GPS tracking is one of the best innovations that have been developed to pinpoint a place in real time. With GPS, people are able to locate their position anywhere in the world with the help of satellites and computers.

Fleetfinder is the Provider of GPS tracking and fleet management services. The company focuses on offering real-time GPS tracking and fleet management services by providing efficient routes and precise pictures of working hours, enabling clients to cut costs, increase productivity, and improve their service. Fleetfinder offers storage and transportation management services that keep vehicle owners up-to-date with their cars.

Fleetfinder was founded in June 2007 as a fleet management company that specializes in GPS tracking of vehicles. Currently, Fleetfinder has a specialized team of engineers and scientists to develop various cutting-edge technologies which the company uses to track your vehicle. In 2010, Fleetfinder moved its headquarters after adding unique customer benefits and hosting services.

Evaluation of The Portal

Kaspersky Lab provides a list of websites that pose a threat to the security of your data, and Fleetfinder is one such website. Basic information about the company is provided, as well as its menu and schedule of services. The website features all their tracking services, which include fleet management; GPS tracking; storage and transportation management; vehicle rental and car rental management; vehicle forwarding services; vehicle insurance, and motor claims management.

Fleetfinder provides various subscription plans that range from $9.99/month to $99/month or more. Fleetfinder offers free trials to their carriers for all their plans.

What is Fleetfinder Technology

FleetFinder incorporates satellite, radio, and terrestrial communication technologies to provide a precise position on demand. The accurate location combined with stable data transfer makes this service reliable. FleetFinder is a service that provides tracking and monitoring of your car. It includes high-quality hardware that’s installed.

A box that is equipped with various sensors and connects to a computer is called an “onboard computer.”

For example, the sensors detect spaces A to B, C, and so on. The box also records the customer’s location and start time for mileage registration. This statement is saying that all this data about the fleet and trip registration is available in real time via our user-friendly online software.

How does Fleetfinder com Work

To use FleetFinder, you have to have it installed in your car. Installation is easy and quick. Keeping a continuous connection to satellites also enables an accurate determination of geographical location and speed. Thanks to a mobile data connection to our servers, we can make the collected data available in real-time and share it via a user-friendly software environment.

Your software environment is where you log in and view all of your data. The result of this system is a way to track mileage on your fleet that’s used internationally. We offer a standard 5-year warranty on devices thanks to their excellent quality.

Additional Information about

According to a Linkedin listing, the company is part of that sector of the IT consulting and service sector. The thread has revealed that 500-201 employees are employed by the company. Morten Callesen serves as the company’s chief executive officer. Riche Camacho is the director of accounts.

We will now examine the client’s reaction to in the section below. Therefore, we encourage you to follow the rest of the sections in a proper manner.

Public Opinion on

As mentioned above, we have conducted a thorough investigation into the company’s reputation. Here are the results of our investigation; reviews: 0/5 stars (Compared to an average of 4.5/5 stars) reviews: 0/5 stars (Compared to an average of 4/5 stars)

Customer Service and How to Contact Them?

For inquiries and assistance, you can contact them through their helpline number: 0117 920 3050, or contact them via their email address. They can also be reached directly via the following social media accounts; Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Connection of with ABAX Danmark A/S is not directly connected with ABAX Danmark A/S. However, it is indirectly connected. The platform that Fleetfinder uses to connect with the company is called GPS Trackit. It is from this website that the company receives its tracking data.

From a single posting on Facebook, we discovered that the firm was merged together with ABAX Denmark at the end of 2017. In addition, the post stated that the merger will be an exciting one for both companies.

Their team will stay the same, but they will offer more services to better serve their clients. At the Great British Fleet Awards 2022, the ABAX group was recently given an honor from the business world. Let’s look at the next part, which will show what is really like.

Legitimacy Revealing Points

Domain Registration Date Our investigation revealed the date of creation of the site as 14 August 1998. Alexa Ranking– 9,725,053 is the value that will be preserved for this portal.
trust score: A remarkable score of 80 percent along with the Website Freezing Date The website is available until 13-08-2023. Trustpilot reviews mentioned earlier The Trustpilot reviews are not available for this site. Trust Ranking for The site has nothing of significance.


In conclusion, is a website that needs to be reviewed with great care. A notable point to consider is the fact that their domain registration date is 20 years old. Second, there are no Trustpilot reviews and Trustpilot Score for the company. Thirdly, it does not have an Alexa ranking at the moment.

After exploring more to find the name we discovered that the website was not working. However, we noticed that, recently, ABAX Denmark had been recognized for its outstanding services.

Thus, you are advised to reconsider using this portal for any vehicle tracking purposes in the future. If you think you have some proof or information that can shed light on this case, kindly provide your valuable comments and suggestions below.

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