Freedom of self-expression with Livebeam

Livebeam, just like any other social media or streaming platform, gives you freedom of self-expression. That means you can stream whatever you want, and nobody will be against your stream. Of course, there always are haters, but they are a different story.

Freedom of self-expression online means you can share your opinion on anything, including religion and politics. But in some cases, freedom of self-expression includes the image you create. Livebeam team prepared for you today a list of things that can help you express yourself and create a unique style.

The visual image

You can put a lot of time and effort into creating a unique look for your streams. The things that affect your image include:

  • Your setup. The background that you use, specific lighting, unique handmade or store-bought decorations take part in it and affect the vibe your stream has.
  • Your look. Choose any outfits (if they are appropriate for public service) and makeup, use wigs, accessories, etc. It will help you create a unique style and be easy to recognize among hundreds and thousands of other streamers on Livebeam.
  • Your behavior. The way you talk, gesture, and articulate can affect the final image of your stream as well.

The topics you stream about

You can express yourself and show your uniqueness not only with the visual image that you create. You can also come up with a novel idea for content that you stream. 

You may choose one thing that you enjoy creating – for example, eye makeup tutorials. In this case, you will be a Livebeam expert in one specific niche, and your streams will be similar to another.

Another way is to choose a wide range of things you want to broadcast and connect them with one general thought going through each one. For example, you like trying everything new, and you will stream every day trying new hobbies one by one. Or you love challenges, and you will try different ones every stream. The connecting theme here is challenges.

Our platform gives you total freedom of self-expression. According to the points above, you can create a specific image of yourself for your viewers and show them what you do and think in reality. You can sign up for a profile on for free and enjoy watching other streamers.

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