Fun delivered Review, Is it a scam? know the complete details

Fun delivered Review, Is it a scam? know the complete details
Fun delivered Review, Is it a scam? full details

Do you love small surprises or mystery boxes? Are you a fan of personalized gifts? There are obviously hundreds of online platforms that serve such exciting and extravaganza personalized gifting options nowadays. We have come up with this article about fun-delivered online platforms. In recent times several hunks searches have hit the most searched list on the internet about is fun delivered legit.

What is fun delivered? There are also several frequently asked questions about fun delivered that are answered at the end of the article. We have also concluded our personal experience with complete research about fun delivered at the end of this article. If you are looking for some of the exciting unclaimed boxes and many more then you must read this article. Come let us check more about fun delivered.

What is Fun Delivered?

Let us start this exciting article with basic information about the fun delivered. Fun delivered is an online platform that is famous for its unclaimed surprise boxes and many more. The platforms say that these boxes are so much surprising that even customers do not know. This website sells mystery boxes also known as unclaimed boxes that are quite reasonable and quickly shipped in the United States. They sell these unclaimed mystery boxes for several occasions like date nights, holidays, birthdays, and many more to make them more memorable and meaningful.

The unclaimed boxes for which this website is famous for are the packages that are actually unclaimed boxes from Amazon, Flipkart, or maybe eBay. They are auctioned after no one has claimed and within a few days they are taken by some kind of these websites. This fashion of auction is very simple in states in the United States.

Is Fun Delivered legit or a Scam?

Yes, the platform is actually legit and very safe to order. One can be sure about its privacy policy. It is not a scam not it is a fake website. The platform has also posted several packing and unpacking videos on several social media like Instagram, YouTube, and many more.

The online platform also has its official Twitter account on which they have also posted several pictures and shared reviews of its customers. One can also order unclaimed boxes and many more from the online platform in a very simple manner.

Our blog will help you to conclude the decision by following indicators:

1. Domain creation date: 13th August 2021 – newly created, indicating the chances of theft and fraud.

2. Domain Expiry Date: 13th August 2023 to date

3. Trust Rank: 31.4/100 – questionable and Suspicious, Doubtful and Unsafe

4. Trust Score: 43% – Questionable trust score 

5. Owners Name: Rebecca and Jena – As mentioned on the Website

6. Social Media connections: The Website provides social media links on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. The website has also posted its link that directly opens on such online platforms and is legit as well.

7. Address Originality: The Postal address of this website is mentioned on the Website with the map and directions.

Fun Delivered unclaimed packages

Millions of packages every day are unclaimed or deemed undeliverable for reasons such as a wrong address, no forwarding address, being delivered to the wrong address, or just simply never picked up from the postal carrier in the given time frame. These packages are not general mail, they are a collection of return-to-sender packages from various online retailers for the above reasons, and thereby the property of those companies.

This is the basic idea about the unclaimed packages and mystery boxes which are sold on these kinds of websites. 

What is Unclaimed mail?

The unclaimed mails are similar to the unclaimed boxes or packages that are claimed in the auctions. As per our research, we haven’t got any more information about it. You can find unclaimed packages near your place. Like I’ve provided all the similar websites related to Fun delivered for unclaimed mailboxes online.

Unclaimed mystery boxes

The fun-delivered online platform has a unique section of unclaimed mystery boxes for its customers. These mystery boxes have several advantages as well as disadvantages. We have examined both sides of the coin and here we have elaborated on them below-

Benefits of investing in Mystery boxes

1. Variety of products at a very reasonable and cheaper price

2. Best for having fun with suspense and surprises

3. Might have a chance of getting somewhat expensive and rare items

4. Mostly retail-ready products are delivered by the website

Drawbacks of investing in Mystery boxes

1. No guarantee and warranty of the products are given

2. Mostly scams and frauds as per the customer reviews

3. Very rare customer support

4. You will rarely get your money back from the items

5. You will not find any feedback on the website from the customers.

How to buy Unclaimed packages for sale?

There are several unclaimed or un-named packages on Amazon or maybe o other online shopping platforms. These unclaimed packages are then auctioned and are very common in the United States. These unclaimed packages are then sold by several online fancy websites which you actually get as a surprise and many more.

Websites like fun delivered 2023

Coming to an end, our research team, we have come up with the 5 best websites like fun delivered that are trusted and are for real. Let us check them out.

1. Drakemall

2. Dripdown

3. Jemlit

4. Mysteryopening

5. Hybe  

Other than this, there are also other online platforms that seal in a similar fashion with their customers. But in my honest opinion, their legitimacy is quite questionable. They might be a scam or frauds. One needs to be ready for the loss if they do not check its legitimacy.


Through our research, ending up the article I can sum up my blog with a positive review that the fun delivered website is legit and one can surely order mystery boxes and unclaimed boxes from the website. The website has simple steps to buy the products. The website also provides the products for a very reasonable amount. The website is not a scam.

Fun Delivered Scam FAQ

Q. How to find unclaimed packages near me?

A. You can use buy unclaimed packages from Amazon and other online stores from the websites like GovDeals or or you can easily get them at local shops or local swap meets.

Q. What is an unclaimed mail box?

A. AMazon has 60 days for the items to be claimed from their customers once they got undelivered to the Adress provided after 60 days the packages will become unclaimed mail boxes. To reduce the loss, Amazon or other sources will try to sell them through an auction. that package is called an unclaimed package.

Q. Is Fun Delivered safe or is it a Scam?

A. According to various websites which measures trust score depending on various factors like shipping, billing, legitimacy, Fun delivered website got decent reviews and we can trust them to order unclimed mail boxes online.

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