Gaming phones – are they worth it?

Mobile gaming is taking the world by storm. In the United States, the smartphone gaming industry is now worth $63 billion US dollars and is expected to grow to over $100 billion dollars by 2023.

This astronomical increase in gaming on mobile devices is in part due to the rise of creative, immersive games that have been released in recent years. It is also thanks to recent technological developments that have revolutionized the way in which we use our phones and has improved the capabilities, graphics and sound quality of our devices massively.

While you can play games on pretty much any mobile device, if you want the best experience then a gaming phone is often a worthwhile investment. These devices are ideal for those who play games frequently and often enjoy gaming when out and about.

But what actually makes a gaming phone different from a normal one?

Over the last few years, we have seen a series of new gaming phones hitting the market. You can of course play many games from any old smartphone, however, there are a number of distinct differences that make gaming phones the obvious choice for regular gamers.

For starters, the screens on gaming phones are noticeably larger than on an average phone. Having a usable touchscreen is essential for gaming and you will tend to find that these devices have a diagonal screen size of six inches or more, for example, the Huawei’s Honor Play screen is 6.3 inches.

Bigger screens do not mean you have to compromise on quality, a gaming phone will often have a much better refresh rate. While the average phone refresh rate stands at 60 Hz, the Razer Phone 2 has a 120 Hz screen, and the Asus ROG Phone and the Nubia (ZTE) Red Magic 3 both have a 90 Hz screen.

Another key difference is that a gaming phone has a much faster processor and lots more RAM. In actual fact many phones use the exact same processor, however, a game phone is programmed differently to compromise battery life and efficiency in order to gain lots of speed.

Some gaming phones have large external fans in order to counteract the extra heat that is created from this speed, with the Asus ROG being one example of this. These phones also require a larger-sized battery and so are not as lightweight as say an iPhone.

You will notice that gaming phones come with a lot of fun add-on products that are designed specially to improve the user’s gaming controls and experience. Bluetooth controllers, triggers, and even second screens or docking stations are sold alongside them.

Some of the best gaming phones on the market include the newly released Legion Phone Duel 2, which is reasonably priced at around $700, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus at $999, and the Oppo Find X3 Pro, which is more on the expensive side at $1,500. For those who are a little more budget-conscious the OnePlus 9 at $729 is also a good choice.

Gaming phones can be great for all types of gamers…

Whether you are a fan of first-person shooters and action or prefer more puzzle-type games, these phones can be used for all types of games, whether you are playing online or through an app.

One type of game that is ideal for mobile play is online casino games. There are a vast array of websites and apps to choose from with games specially for smartphone play. With games including blackjack, poker, slots, and roulette.

If using a controller add-on there are a whole host of games that you can enjoy. Call of Duty Mobile is one of the most popular downloads and has versions for both multiplayer 5v5 team-based combat and battle royale with a 100 player battle.

For android phones, Epic Games’ Fortnite is a battle royale where players must try to stay alive by avoiding or eliminating other players. You can build structures for defense or buildings to gain a vantage point over others. There are several landmarks and locations to explore, with weapons, shields, and other suppliers scattered across the map.

Are these phones worth the extra cost?

For a high spec gaming phone, you can find yourself spending a few more hundred dollars than you would be buying a regular smartphone, you also need to factor in the cost of any add-on equipment you need for your games.

While there are many factors to consider when purchasing a phone, in this instance you need to consider what types of games you enjoy playing and whether they require the processing speeds and RAM of a gaming phone. For less taxing games, a regular smartphone will serve its purpose just fine.

You should also think about your lifestyle, a gaming device with a hefty battery or external fan might not fit well into your pocket and will weigh more when holding it.

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