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Glotorrents Proxy and Mirror Sites – Glotorrents is one of my favorite torrent sites to which I frequently visit to download awesome content for free. Its simple interface makes it very easy for everyone to get the desired content for free. The torrent site provides free Movies, TV Shows, Software/Apps, Music, Adult Content, Games, books, anime and many more. Moreover, all the torrents are verified by Glotorrents staff, users comment for quality and authenticity. So, you can go ahead and download the torrents confidently.

However, these type of sites promotes piracy so many ISP and countries have blocked access to it across the world. That is the reason many users are finding it difficult to access Glotorrents via its main domain So, If you are among them, frustrated by why Glotorrents is not working for you, you are at the right place. In this article, you will discover various ways to unblock glotorrents website.

Glotorrents has become a go-to source for many when it comes to downloading movies, ebooks or other files. They can’t survive a week without visiting However, the main reason for blocking is the pirated content and some violations by users. if the site is up and running you can easily unblock it. Otherwise, you will need to have a couple of Glotorrents Mirrors in hand.

is Glotorrents Down Right Now?

As you can see, Glotorrents is up and running fine. However, it was down for a while a couple of hours back when I last checked it. But, It is absolutely fine now.

Though the site is up and running, you might not be able to access it. As I already told you, it is blocked by your ISP or Government because they think Glotorrents is not ethical. Whatever, the case you can still unblock Glotorrents by using a proxy site or a VPN.

However, If the main domain itself is shut down, then we need Glotorrents clones or mirror sites. That is the only way we can unblock Glotorrents. I have provided a list of Glotorrents Proxy and Mirror sites below. You can check out!

The List of Glotorrents Proxy/Mirror sites

Glotorrents Proxy/Mirror sites are the replica of the main sites These proxy sites have the same torrents, data, and index as the original domain, just on a different domain. We will be able to access Glotorrents now because as these sites are hosted where Glotorrents is not blocked yet.

Glotorrents Proxy /MirrorsWebsite URL
Glotorrents Proxy -1
Glotorrents Proxy -2
Glotorrents Proxy -3
Glotorrents Proxy -4
Glotorrents Proxy -5
Unblock Glodls
Glotorrent Official Mirror -1
Glotorrent Official Mirror -2
Glotorrent Official Mirror -3

Your ISP can spy on your torrents history. If you browse torrents without a VPN it can become a headache for you. So, I will suggest you use the best VPN application while browsing torrent sites. that way you will be anonymous and safe.

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How to Download Glotorrents Movies?

Downloading movies from Glotorrents is an easy job provided you have BitTorrent client installed on your pc. Once the uTorrent is installed, connect to VPN and go to one of the Glotorrents proxy/Mirror sites I have provided in the table. The link will quickly unblock it and will take you to the home page. Now, search for a movie or browse through torrents and download the torrent/magnet link and open it with uTorrent.

Your file will start to download. Moreover, you can pause/resume your download as per your convenience.

Final Words

With this, I am concluding today’s article on how to unblock Glotorrents with the help of Glotorrents Proxy and Mirror sites. I hope it was helpful.

What do you think? Let me know your feedback in the comment section below.

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