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13 Best GPS Apps to Fake a Location

When Pokemon Go was released, the crazy hype made us crave for it. But, there is a problem that stopped us playing that popular game. That is the message “this game is not available in your area”. Generally, this is a strategy of developers to restrict the game to gain hold over some key areas before they can plan to release it worldwide.

But, we feel we have every right to enjoy this great game. Sometimes, we even get infuriated by these restrictions. We need something to get over this problem. And the GPS spoofer apps conveniently do this for us.

Not only the games, a lot of other Websites and services over the internet require your GPS location for providing better user experience or simply to gather our data. However, we don’t want to share our location in both the case. Then, what should we do? The only solution is to Lie! You heard it right! Fake your location and claim your right up on these services.

GPS Spoofer apps are mainly used for anonymity. You can maintain your privacy by faking your GPS location and be safe from online security issues. When comes to fun part, you can even make some pranks with your friends by faking your location.

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Best GPS Spoofer Apps for Android

Now, that you understood basic uses of faking a GPS location. Let’s look into some of the useful GPS Spoofer apps that will help us to fake a GPS location on Android.

fake location gps spoofer apps

1. Floater

Google Play Score: 3.4
Developer: Rapid Developers

Floater is one of the best GPS Spoofer apps that lets you fake your location to anywhere in the world such as New York, Paris, London etc… This is very useful to tag a Geo location to a photo that you forgot to turn on GPS location when you were capturing it.

This is also can be used as a Prank app to set fake GPS locations in WhatsApp, Facebook, and other apps.

Special Features of Floater :

  1. It works on a floating window, allowing easy access to other apps.
  2. You can save your favorite locations. SO, going to back to them  is very easy as 2 simple clicks
  3. You can set Speed, Accuracy, and Coordinates in the App

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2. Fake Gps – fake location

Google Play Score: 3.9
Developer: Andev

This is yet another efficient app to trick your device into a fake location that you wish to portray. You may let your phone think you are in New York, London, or Delhi. Then your phone will send the location information accordingly to the other apps.

This Fake GPS App is required to have Google Play services and Maps installed on your device to work properly. It works perfectly fine with Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter. However, It doesn’t work with Viber.

How does the Fake GPS Work

  1. First, You need to enable the developer options in your mobile. To enable, Go to >> Settings>> About Phone and  enable mock locations
  2. Set your Location to Device Only.

Some Important Things to Note:

  1.  This App may not work with some Apps. You may even be banned from using that service or game
  2. If you have an issue in a certain game  “GPS Not found”, you may need to turn off mock locations

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3. Gps Joystick

Google Play Score: 3.6
Developer: The App Ninjas

Gps Joystick is probably the only Gps Spoofer in the Google Play store which mocks realistic and updates the data for all necessary GPS Values.

This will overwrite your current location with a fake GPS location and any third party apps, websites or services think that you are in New York, London, or Canada. You can even customize the GPS values in settings.

Gps Joystick is a perfect choice for playing Pokemon Go at the workplace with real GPS Values. Since you can’t roam to play the game.

This App has a Joystick option, which makes it very simple and fun to change GPS location instantly.

Unique Features of GPS Joystick:

  1. Unlike other GPS Spoofer Apps, GPS Joystick always updates GPS values( like altitude, speed, and accuracy) as required.
  2. Only App that you can expect to play Pokemon Go without a ban.

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4. Fake Location Spoofer

Google Play Score: 3.9
Developer: IncorporateApps

Fake Location Spoofer is just a basic GPS Spoofing app. It will allow you to some basic location spoofing to let your friends think you are in other countries. This app also useful for tagging a Geo location to a photo you forgot to tag location while capturing it.

Apart from, this app does nothing special. Nevertheless, this app has a good rating of 3.9 in Google Play Store. If you are looking for a basic GPS spoofer app, this is a perfect one.

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5. Mock Locations

Google Play Score: 3.8
Developer: Dvaoru

This app is one of most powerful GPS Spoofer, that will allow you to spoof the device location in seconds. Mock Locations offer a 24 Hour free trial period. During this time, you can test its premium features like the hide mock GPS location. It has other useful features like Simulate GPS route, set breakpoints, set variable speed.

You can emulate fake GPS path on the road using your device, through which you can pretend to be traveling. To make this more convincing, you can even set variable speed and mock closed routes fictionally. This is a useful feature to play location based augmented reality games like Pokemon Go from your workplace.

You can even hide an application icon from the status bar. This app is available in different languages such as English, German and Italian.

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6. Fake GPS Location

Google Play Score: 4.3
Developer: Lexa

This yet another Fake Location App for Android that has a lot of features like History, Favorites, boot on startup, and random movement etc. Teleport your phone to any place in the world. This app sets a fake GPS location so that every other app think that you are at a specified location.

Fake GPS Location has a very clean user interface, that I will definitely recommend to use it.

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7. Mock GPS Pro

Google Play Score: 3.9
Developer: FansBoy

The user interface of Mock GPS Pro is very simple. As it is map-based, you can select any location and pretend to be there. Show the App developers that you have every standard to be in US or Switzerland or any other lavish place.

The app is very light in size (Approximately 128kb) and won’t burden your phone much. This app is very useful for changing/ setting/ simulating the GPS location of your Android device.

8. Location Spoofer

Google Play Score: 3.5
Developer: LSDroid

Location Spoofer is a simple utility to set up a fake wireless network location.  Location Spoofer allows you to set latitude, longitude, and duration in the settings. To spoof locations, you need to allow mock locations under Settings >> Application >> Development.

For rooted phones, it can spoof locations with mock locations disabled. Move the app to Sys/App to get it working.

Pro version of Location Spoofer is also available in the market with a lot of other features.

9. Location Mockup

Google Play Score: 3.7
Developer: iApplize

Location Mockup looks completely different than other apps listed over here. It displays the location’s name along the latitude and longitude. Fake your location in any GPS location based app such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Foursquare, camera Geo tag etc.

This app is minimalist, versatile and also allows you share fake location maps to your friends to how to get to you.

Just remember to disable “Use Wireless Networks” and “Use GPS Satellites”. Also, Allow Mock locations.

10. FGPS

Google Play Score: 4.5
Developer: DOM Team

Fake GPS is yet another useful GPS spoofer app for Android. This app allows you to change your location into any part of the world.

This is a very useful for gaining access to that restricted apps, services or websites by simply faking a location.

To make sure this app runs smoothly and efficiently, turn on mock locations in Development settings.

11. Mockation

Google Play Score: 4.1
Developers: blackkara

Mockation is another helpful GPS tool which helps us to fake locations quickly and instantly. However, like any other app, you need to turn on Mock Locations in developer settings.

This app is very small in size and runs smoothly on your Android device without any complications.

Note: Mockation App doesn’t work with Pokemon Go games.

12. Fly GPS

Google Play Score: 3.4
Developer: SAMBOKING

Fly GPS is yet another useful fake GPS location Apk. It is heavily used to play Pokemon Go at the workplace. If you want to cheat Pokemon, this app is definitely for you. It allows you to movable GPS values that will be very helpful to play Pokemon Go without moving off your sofa.

The App works very well on Android 6.0 or lower. Users find it a little inconvenience when they upgrade to Android Nougat 7.0, Facing issues like “Failed to detect location”. Apart from this is a gem that you always wanted.

Steps to set up a Fake GPS Location:

  1. Download the App from here
  2. Turn on location services
  3. Open the App, to fake a GPS location, tap on the search icon
  4. Now search for a location of your interest, and select it
  5. Then click on the GPS service Run
  6. Select either fixed location mode/ Movable location mode
  7. Now your current location is changed to your preferred location

If this doesn’t work for you go to >> Developer >> Enable mock locations.

13. Fake GPS Location (Hola)

Google Play Score: 4.3
Developer: Hola

Fake GPS Location – Hola is one of the best Fake location App for its simplicity. Just Install the app, search for the fake location and turn it on. You can simply trick your friends that you are on a dream vacation to Rome, when in fact you are at home.

This is very useful to find more friends on dating apps, by breaking Geo restrictions using Fake GPS Location.

How to Use Hola Fake GPS Location:

  1. Disable High accuracy location in your Android locations and leave GPS only
  2. Select the requested location on the map or use search bar to look for specific address
  3. Then select and click the play button. That’s it. Your location now has been changed.

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These are some of the best GPS Spoofer/ Fake Location Apk for android for tricking apps with a fake location. The list doesn’t end here. There are still so many. But, more or less all are same. If I find any unique app in this category, I will definitely let you know. If I missed anything, please let us know in the comment section below.

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