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Some people are good writers by nature; they have a way with words and can enthrall an audience – even a tough college professor – with ease. Then, there’s the other 99.9 percent of us. Good writing isn’t a skill that very many people possess as a matter of nature. Most people become good at writing by going through the process and learning how to improve over time.

For some, time is the enemy. The need to produce solid academic writing in a timely way outstrips the demand to get good at the task over time. For both groups, there are ways to meet the goals associated with writing, the most straightforward and most accessible of which comes in the form of professional writing services.

Essay writing service EssayPro is one noteworthy example. It is unique among the myriad of choices available online in many ways. Sure, any company or website can say their service offerings are unique, so what is it about this service that sets it apart? Today, we’d like to take an in-depth look at EssayPro, its service offerings, and the structure of the services they provide.

EssayPro: More Than A Writing Service

When deciding whether or not to work with an academic writing service, it is essential to ask yourself a few key questions:

Is using this service ethical?

What kinds of supports do they offer?

Who decides who writes, proofreads, or edits my paper?

Will I get in trouble for plagiarism?

How much is this going to cost?

The Ethics of Academic Writing Services

Put simply, and there are both ethical and unethical ways to use writing services. In the case of EssayPro, everyone in the company is committed to your success. That means learning something through the process. If that is the student’s goal, getting specific help is never unethical.

The scales are weighed against students who understand their subjects well but don’t communicate that understanding well on paper. Some of the most successful professionals out there – doctors, lawyers, even corporate executives – struggle with the written word and rely on others to communicate their thoughts in writing. If a lawyer needs to work with copywriters to bolster his or her reputation, it stands to reason that a less-experienced student would need some support in that area as well.

The opportunity to learn, grow, and expand upon academic writing skills is at the forefront of EssayPro’s overall philosophy. Yes, they will write your essay or paper for you from scratch, but they also provide other services that help students learn self-sufficiency as writers. Successful interactions with EssayPro should lead to a greater sense of confidence in one’s own ability to produce a good paper and decrease dependence on the service over time.

Support From Initial Communication Through Final Draft

The road to developing a quality academic paper from EssayPro begins with the accessibility of free resources the site provides. That help are available whether someone chooses to contract with the service or not. They offer an extensive blog with education and tips on every facet of writing from good sentence structure to proper formatting of an academic paper, and everything in between.

There is no login or credit card required to access these resources; they want to provide access to useful information. The rationale behind that is that it helps the student decide if he or she can confidently write the piece themselves or if more help will be needed to complete the task.

Once the student decides to reach out for more interactive forms of writing help, he or she is presented with several tiers of service:

Proofreading – This service caters to students who need a little bolstering of confidence and a second pair of eyes to spot fundamental problems with the information and how it is presented. Proofreaders point out problems and errors and offer advice on how to fix them. It is then up to the student to go back and develop the final draft based on the professional input he or she receives.

Editing – This service takes the task of proofreading to the next level, providing actual edits and fixes that can help elevate the grade the student receives on the paper. This is an excellent option for students who know their subject well but struggle with the ability to make those ideas come across as authoritative and academic on paper.

Full-Service Paper Development and Writing – Yes, there are students out there who will need an entire paper written from scratch, and this is true for many reasons. Some get overwhelmed with the amount of work required to get through the semester. Some have work and family responsibilities that eat up too much writing time. Some are involved in sports and other extracurriculars that also chip away at the time they have to devote to academics.

Regardless of the reasoning, EssayPro is there to help. It is, however, their sincere wish that students use this particular service as a means of learning how to produce proper papers on their own. Having a paper written from scratch should teach students the elements of good academic writing including how the information is presented and cited.

Working With An EssayPro Writer or Tutor

EssayPro allows the student a superior level of control over who oversees their writing project. He or she is entitled to select the writer or helper deemed to be the best for the current task. One negative to this is the availability of writers when the student needs them. Many top-rated and sought-after members of the EssayPro writing team contract out an entire semester’s work very early on. In this business, procrastination is the enemy.

It is essential to peruse all syllabi and come up with a strategy that helps secure the best writer for the job and ensure the paper gets turned in on time. Responsible students get to contract with the best writers, and they enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing work will be finished and submitted on time. In other words, the time to decide to reach out for help is now, not the weekend before the due date.

Students utilizing each tier of service with EssayPro are encouraged to make the best use possible of all the site’s collaborative tools. That includes submitting all notes and materials gathered in advance and working in real-time with their writers/tutors. The more the writer gets to know the student, the easier it is for the writer to match the student’s own writing and communication styles.

100% Unique Content

Part of being able to write in the student’s style is the ability to produce work that is unique to the student submitting it. EssayPro writers never spin or rewrite content. All papers are guaranteed unique* and plagiarism-free.

If the student has any doubts, services like Copyscape and others like it allow them to check the final draft for duplicate content all over the web. Yes, their professors know about all of these tools, too. That is why the writers at EssayPro work to deliver quality unique content that cannot be searched or found anyplace else.

*Please be advised that the use of quotes is perfectly acceptable in an essay or term paper with proper citations and credit given the original author. Quotes may get flagged by a site like Copyscape and still be considered unique for an academic paper.

Students can trust writers to produce quality work in all of the following content areas:

  • >Essay and term paper formatting
  • Different types of Essays including article reviews and informative essays
  • Reports and reviews
  • Non-standard writing formats including blogs and web articles for specialized writing assignments and content needs
  • Other specialized or custom writing projects

Costs and Fees

While EssayPro does have an established pricing structure, their writers are allowed to set their rates for some services. That means that the student is responsible for brokering a deal with his or her writer before entering into a contract. On average, a paper from this service that is written from scratch will run about $12 per page, but there are other considerations that must be addressed between the writer and the student as well.

Superior Quality and Service

EssayPro is one of the best academic writing services on the Web. They work with writers with extensive experience in all common academic disciplines and can produce high-quality work on a tight deadline. Some of the many perks of working with EssayPro include:

  • Same-day turnaround on some projects
  • Attention to the student’s writing style
  • A large pool of qualified writers
  • Competitive pricing and generous discounts
  • Quality content on any subject or subject area

We hope that the information presented provides enough information to make an informed decision about EssayPro. Among even its biggest competitors, EssayPro leads the pack when it comes to the number and quality of writers and the quality of the work they do.

No matter what the reason may be for approaching them, working with EssayPro is a great way to keep academic work on schedule and develop better writing skills over time. Few services out there maintain the level of commitment they do to helping struggling academic writers secure good grades and become better, more independent writers on their own.

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