Here’s why you should visit America for your next trip

I have recently seen numerous anti-America crusades from travelers saying they won’t consider visiting America any time soon. If you asked me three years back, I might have shared with you similar sentiments. But not after visiting the USA twice.

I reckon that President Trump isn’t the favorite of many, but I think that we shouldn’t judge a country by its elected leaders. If we do that we might as well stay in our countries. No pun intended. If you’ve never been to America and your curiosity kills you, here’s a snippet into the American life. Whereas traveling to the US isn’t the same as living there, these reasons will convince you to consider visiting America for your next trip.

The scenic views

I once saw an article detailing how Americans don’t travel abroad a lot. One reason mentioned is there’s a lot to do in the country as opposed to outside. I thought Americans were insane but upon exploring the beautiful sceneries I realized this country is blessed. With the different landscapes in the US, there isn’t a bad view. You’ll get to enjoy the desert cactus, sandy beaches, and the rolling hills. The clear blue waters, sunset skies, and vibrant greenery make it a beautiful country.

Contrary to what is portrayed in the media, not everyone is racist

A lot of travelers talk about racism in the US as one of the major factors stopping them from visiting. But if I was, to be honest with you, racism isn’t necessarily exclusive to America. It is more dominant in other countries compared to America. I’m not justifying what racist individuals do but it shouldn’t hold you back from exploring the world. I have visited South Africa, Italy, and Bulgaria and the narrative is the same. It’s a world issue.

Am I going to shy away from visiting these countries? No. As I alluded to earlier, racism is everywhere and I never experienced it when I visited America.

You’ll experience and appreciate cultural diversity

Whereas as a tourist you’ll not fully experience the cultures and traditions in the US, you’ll get a snippet into the American way of life. Albeit on a temporary basis. Being able to interact with people in different countries and experiencing their cultures makes you compassionate and understanding of our differences as human beings. Who knows, you might enjoy the American way of life and might even consider changing your lifestyle.

Not all immigration officers are terrible

I’ve had numerous complaints about American immigration officials. I’m not invalidating the experience of some travelers, but truth be told. Some officials can be d**s for lack of a proper word, but they are the same everywhere.

Whenever I’m traveling they act like small gods and ask stupid questions making me want to slap the sh**t out of them. I’ve even been asked about who sponsors my travel. Really? But is this a problem that is unique to America? No. But given that the US is a target for terrorists and illegal immigrants, it is not surprising to see the immigration officials being strict.

I’ve had nothing but pleasure visiting the US and the Immigration officials have been good to me. I’ve never had a bad experience that I’ll share with you.

To make your visit stress-free get your travel documents correct. What do I mean? For international travelers visiting America depending on your country of origin, you’ll need a valid electronic visa or an ESTA. What’s an ESTA? Tourists visiting from countries under the visa waiver program (VWP) you are required by law to have an Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) which is applied online. It determines your eligibility to travel to America under the VWP. ESTA check is also done online.

As of December 2018, all ESTA applications are submitted 72 hours before travel. It is also advisable to apply for your ESTA early during travel preparations or prior to purchasing your air ticket. Travelers (babies included) who don’t have an ESTA won’t be allowed to check-in. so do due diligence and apply and conduct your ESTA check in advance prior to purchasing your air ticket.

Second, your passport must be valid. It should be electronic in nature and the expiry date should surpass your date of traveling back from the US. The authorities have a keen interest in the validity of your passport as it is your official identification document that must be valid.

Americans love sports

As a lover of sports, I’ve never seen a country where people talk about sports 24/7. I have met families who are into sports with kids who love football and baseball and have set their eyes in playing at the highest levels.

In other countries, sports come in the form of video games but in the US a basketball, baseball or football game offers an avenue for families and friends to bond. It’s more than a means of passing time, but a way of socializing and connecting with others.

Experience a vibrant and dynamic style

Each part of the country has a unique sense of fashion. One common factor is that there’s always something trending in America. Whether it’s new jeans, hair color, or cool makeup, Americans find inspirations from different sources making their styles dynamic hence the new trends. Again, America has many creatives making it difficult to keep one fashion trending for long without people considering something new.

Final Thoughts

America has a lot to offer especially for international visitors. A lot has been said about the country and its leadership but does that stop you from enjoying the many tourist attractions? Different cultures? And unique styles? No. In fact, it gives you the urge to witness first-hand what is said about the US. For sure, one thing can’t be disputed. Experiencing life in America makes you appreciate your own lifestyle. Learning the American way of life, its history and traditions will make you appreciate your country’s cultures and traditions. But more importantly, get your travel documents in order.

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