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HGTV Dream Home 2022 winner dies – What is the truth?

HGTV Dream Home 2022 winner dies – What is the truth?

Hamilton won HGTV’s ‘Design Star: Next Gen’ in 2021, not 2022. And the death news is not related to her. The news is all about the Brand new HGTV star Carmeon Hamilton‘s husband Marcus tragically passed away this weekend after a motorcycle crash. Hamilton charmed audiences across the country when she won HGTV’s Design Star: Next Gen. An interior designer from Memphis, Tennessee, Hamilton won the reality series earlier this year, earning $50K and her own HGTV show.

With over 130K followers on Instagram, the designer has a substantial following on the social media app. And it was with that following that she shared some tragic news on Saturday. In her heartbreaking post, Hamilton shared a black and white photo of her late husband, Marcus Hamilton. Calling him “the love of her life,” she shared the news that he died in a motorcycle accident.

Hgtv’s Dream Home 2022 Dies updated the 2021 Hgtv Dream Home winner’s husband’s death. Hgtv’s Dream Home lottery is trendy. Several Americans have improved their lives by buying lottery tickets. Still, searching for Hgtv Dream Homes 2022 Winners? This article updates the spouse’s accidental death of the previous year’s winner.

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Who won the Hgtv Design Star: Next Gen’ in 2021?

Carmeon Hamilton has won the HGTV Design Star season 2. The winner will land a spot in Next Gen, the show that plans to identify the next wave of creative professionals within the industry. The winners will be featured on an HGTV special and receive $50K in prize money.

For Hamilton, winning Design Star meant getting her own HGTV show! It has been revealed that Hamilton is getting her own HGTV show called “Carmeon’s Yard Work Projects”.

The seven-episode series will follow the designer as she “upcycles containers and old furniture into modern garage storage and industrial furniture for a well-styled yard”.

Who is her husband Marcus Hamilton?

“The love of my life, Marcus Hamilton was tragically taken from this world early this morning,” she wrote. “Please keep his family in your prayers and raise up Marcus’ father Derek Hamilton in prayer as he suffers the loss of his firstborn son.”

A Go Fund Me page was also started, with a goal of raising $50K for the funeral costs. As of Monday afternoon, it had already raised over $17K. The page says that any additional funds will be deposited into a college fund for Hamilton’s four-year-old daughter.

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Her Wife’s Reaction

💂🏾. No one did… At least not for long.. Marcus is no longer with us. He passed away over the weekend in a motorcycle accident. Sobering, sad news… but all the love I have for our family, friends, and lifestyle will always live on! #RideOn 🚲🙏🏾

It’s unclear exactly when Marcus died — Hamilton shared the photo at 3 p.m., which would have been four hours before his death was confirmed.

Below is a collection of the messages Maris passed on Saturday.

HGTV @ designstarmarcus you carried my heart with you every day. You are already missed but never forgotten! ❤️💋💋

while we’re sad to hear about Marcus’ passing, he’s clearly in a better place and we are so happy for him . . .


In a Motorcycle Accident Hamilton was riding her motorcycle and crashed in Memphis, TN!! So sad that she’s lost her husband, but all the love for her family and friends will live on. #RIP Maris. Hamilton shared a lot of memories to go along with photos of herself and Marcus over the weekend. It’s unclear when they were taken.

While we’re sad to hear about Marcus’ passing, he’s clearly in a better place and we are so happy for him…

As previously mentioned, when Hamilton won Design Star: Next Gen, she got her own series on HGTV and Discovery +. The show, Reno My Rental, is set to debut on September 18 and will surely be a tribute to her late husband included. The series was created by and stars Amanda Lund, who has been married as well.

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