Hidden WhatsApp Tips and Tricks you probably don’t Know

By | May 21, 2017

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks: WhatsApp is surely the best messenger ever made for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Nokia and Java Mobiles. If you have an active Data connection on your mobile you can send unlimited text, Pics, and videos to nearly anybody. WhatsApp is a huge success for its fastest delivery feature. Now with the kind of user base and popularity, everybody is looking to explore new tricks to efficiently use this app.

latest-hidden whatsapp tips and tricks 2017

If you are searching for the best hidden WhatsApp tips and tricks, you came to right place. Here I will provide you some of the best WhatsApp tricks that will take you to a new level of experience. While you might know about some of these, several should surprise you. So Let’s get started…

1. WhatsApp without phone number

You can use WhatsApp without phone number at least not with your own number. Follow below steps to install WhatsApp without a mobile number. If you are using WhatsApp already, just uninstall it from your phone completely. Download and Install it again. and Turn off your messaging service simply by switching to airplane mode.


  • Download and Install use TextNow App on your Android phone. You can use Fake-a-Text for iOS devices.After installing the app, open it and complete the setup process. It will give you a number. note it down. we need it later.
  • Now open WhatsApp and add your number to it. wait for 2 minutes for the SMS verification to fail.
  • Once the SMS verification fails, Verify through Call option will be enabled. Just click on Call Me. You will get an automated voice call from WhatsApp, note down the verification code. Add it in the WhatsApp verification field to verify.

1.1 Using Landline number
Alternately you can also put your existing Landline number in WhatsApp to complete the verification process.

2. Dual WhatsApp

As we all know most people are searching for different ways to use 2 WhatsApp accounts in one phone. There are several options to install dual WhatsApp on your phone, but we will discuss the simple and easy one.

First of all,  you need to install parallel space. It is an android application used to install dual accounts of any app on your Android phone like Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter etc. Learn more about GB WhatsApp Apk to install two WhatsApp accounts.

  • to install Dual WhatsApp in your phone, Just go to Play store from here.
  • Download and Install Parallel space app on your Android. The file size is about 5MB or something.
  • Open parallel space and select the accounts for which you want to create dual accounts.


  • Select WhatsApp and click on “Add to parallel space”
  • It will install the clone of your existing WhatsApp, you can use it with another SIM to enjoy Dual WhatsApp.

2. Schedule messages

sometimes we tend to forget important occasions like anniversaries or our dear one’s birthdays or even to convey a really important message to a specific person on a particular date. Now you don’t need to worry because now you can schedule messages in WhatsApp.

Schedule messages in Android:

1. Go to Settings –> Apps–> Enable Unknown Sources 

2. Download WhatsApp Scheduler App and Install it on your phone.

whatsapp schedule messages

3. Open the app, click on compose message; Add recipients, set the date and time then type your message and tap on Schedule.

This will schedule the message for you. It also gives you an alert when the message has been sent.

3. Broadcast Messages

If you want to send the same message to many of your friends without them recognizing, this will help you.

Go to Chats –> Broadcast Lists–> New list –> Add contacts
then write your message and hit Send.

The message and their reply will appear in your private chats section with a little megaphone icon to it. Your contacts don’t have any idea whom else the message has been sent.

4. Mute Group chats

we’re all in at least few group chats at any time, created by one of our friends. well, it is a nice thing to keep in touch with your friends as long as you are not getting a lot of messages. check WhatsApp group names if you are short of some good name ideas for your group. But it’s frustrating to see 100s of group messages constantly flashing your mobile especially when you are planning to sleep or having some work.


  • You have two options to get rid of those annoying messages. either you can flip your phone over or mute the group notifications. To Mute particular group, tap on the group chat of your target, then click on the mute button.
  • however, the messages will still appear in the notifications tray. to turn off these notifications as well, simply uncheck “Show Notifications“.

5. Hide last seen, Profile Pic, WhatsApp Status

By default, WhatsApp shows a ‘last seen‘ timestamp, telling your friends that what was the last time you were on WhatsApp. This is a great feature, but it becomes very annoying because it shows whether you are online or not. you can’t hide from your friends and they’ll keep talking to you. so we have only one option nothing but to hide the last seen. Follow the steps below

  • Make sure your WhatsApp app is up to date to enjoy this feature.
  • Now Open WhatsApp, Go to Settings –> Account–> Privacy–> Last seen.
  • There you will have three options Everyone, My Contacts, and Nobody. Select any one of them depending on your preference.

hide last seen on whatsapp

5.1 Hide Status:

to Hide status from few people Go to Settings –> Account–> Privacy

then, select Status and choose the option My contacts Except and select your friends to hide.

5.2 Hide your Profile Photo/DP

Go to Settings–> Account–> Privacy then select Profile Photo and click on it. choose any one option from Everyone, My Contacts, Nobody.

6. Spy and Read your friend’s conversations

is it possible to read your friend’s WhatsApp conversations? yes, it is possible to spy on your friend’s chat conversations that are your Girlfriend/Boy Friend. Just follow the steps.

  • For this, you need your friend’s phone for approximately 30 seconds.
  • Firstly, you need to Go to SD Card and find folder WhatsApp–> then Databases and try to copy these files


  • Take them from your friend phone. later, you can just open them with a simple text editor.

Update: WhatsApp has recently updated to end-to-end encryption. So nobody(even WhatsApp) can really read the messages though you got access to the database files.

or you can follow the MAC address spoofing method.(Coming Soon)

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7. Hide two images in one

Do you want to send a pic to your friend that looks like a beautiful photo but when he click on it, suddenly change to another one? well, follow the steps

  • Download Magiapp and install it on your Android phone
  • Open the app, you will see an interface where you can Hide one image in other

hide 2 images in one

  • Insert fake image and true image and then click on Do Magic!
  • it will display a pop up which asks you to select the quality of the image. you can choose anyone from high, medium, and low quality. it will create a fake photo for you.
  • share it with your friends. they will surprise for a moment. it will take some time for them to realize that you are using an awesome WhatsApp trick.

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8. Send files of Other extensions

we all know we can send only text, pics, and videos in WhatsApp. But with the help of additional apps like Cloud Send you can send other files like pdf, doc, ZIP, APK’ and EXE files in WhatsApp.


And make use of third-party apps such as Whats Packed 2 Ads to send other file types. Make sure both sender and receiver must have these apps.

9. Want to Save the Data on your Mobile

WhatsApp lets you auto download photos/videos from groups to make your conversations smooth. It becomes a major concern when you are roaming or have limited mobile data. To save on mobile data or to control what is being downloaded on your phone, you may need to turn off auto download media option.

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To do that, go to Settings –> Data Usage –> uncheck

1.when using mobile data

2.when connected on WiFi

3.when Roaming

10. No need to type a message

Do you know that you can text your friend without typing? yes, it is possible. follow the steps


  • once you tap on the message box, a mic will appear on the keyword.
  • just click on the mic and just speak your message to it.
  • it will get auto-typed as you speak. after that click send.

11. Pattern Lock for WhatsApp

We all use WhatsApp to chat with our friends. There is a chance someone might read our conversations. To prevent others from reading your private messages, you need to have a pattern lock for your WhatsApp. By default, WhatsApp comes with no lock to it. So you need to set it manually. Just follow the steps

Install CM Security app from Google Play store

  • After successful installation, Open the app, you can see a lock icon on the right top of the screen. Just click lock icon.

pattern lock for whatsapp

  • Now it will show you list of all the apps installed on your phone. Select WhatsApp and click on Protect button.
  • Now it will ask you to set up the pattern. Select any pattern of your choice which will be used to unlock your WhatsApp later.
  • Draw pattern lock one more time to confirm it. If the pattern matches both the times, it will be set as your WhatsApp pattern lock.

12. Pin Chats

sometimes you may want to move your favorite chats at the top of WhatsApp chat screen. Now, this can be done with Pin chats.

To pin the chat, you need to long press on individual or group chat that will activate top bar menu with pin option.

you can pin max of 3 favs. chats

13. Create a Fake/ Chat conversation

Have you ever thought of making prank conversations of your friends in Whatsapp? well, this is possible with the help of Whatsaid – WhatsApp Prank. You can easily create fake chats and play the prank on your friends.


you will be able to generate prank conversations by adding names, messages(on both sides), and a photo of them. But please, don’t use it to the extent of spoiling their life.

14. Hide blue ticks

To hide blue ticks Go to Settings–> Account–> privacy disable read receipts.

Note: you will no longer able to see the blue ticks of others at the same time.

Conclusion: These are some of the Best WhatsApp tips and tricks you should give a try.Liked these tricks? Do share with your friends. Let us know your favorite WhatsApp trick in the comments below. keep visiting this page for new tips and tricks.

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