Hiring A Criminal Defense Lawyer In Downingtown PA

Hiring A Criminal Defense Lawyer In Downingtown PA

In our everyday lives, we face different situations. There are instances where we put ourselves in peril and sometimes it gets so worse that we are placing our foot an inch away from jail. Whether we do it on purpose or not, there are times where we find ourselves doing something that is against the law. The question is, when do we need to hire a lawyer?

Not all of us know all laws that we need to follow and certainly not all of us know each of them by heart. You may even sometimes find yourself doing something that you think is right but actually is already against the law.

Let’s take for example if you are sick and do not know what to do, who do you call? A doctor! Why? Because they are experts when it comes to sickness and health.

They spent years and years studying about our bodies, medicine, and such. They know exactly what to do when it comes to medical needs.

In that case, if we have problems and questions regarding laws and regulations, who do we ask for help? Of course, those who are experts and very much knowledgeable when it comes to laws and regulations ­lawyers! This is something we cannot do by ourselves, even if you are a lawyer!

What Is A Criminal Defense Lawyer?

A criminal defense lawyer is a lawyer whose specialty is to defend those who are accused of criminal activity. There are private lawyers and there are also those who work in public, who are also called public defenders (see more).

What Do Criminal Lawyers Defend?

In the United States, there are different situations a lawyer would defend you from. Following are examples:


An appeal is when a party formally requests the higher authority to review the case again and possibly change the decision made. This is being used when correcting an error, or interpreting and clarifying the law.


An arrest is one procedure under the criminal justice system. This is when someone is apprehended due to suspicion that he has committed a crime. When a person is arrested, he is taken into custody for questioning or be charged.

Criminal Charges

This is when police, public prosecutor, or any governmental authority formally accuses a person of committing a crime. Different charging forms are available to be used when pressing charges. This includes complaints, traffic tickets, information, citations, etc.

Criminal Investigation

This is used when studying facts to be used in criminal trials. When doing an investigation, the investigator does the interview, search, collection, and preservation of evidence, interrogation, etc.

Post-Trial Issues

Anything that happens after a trial, or any processes that need to be done and taken care of after a trial.


This is the act of giving the sentence. A sentence is a punishment that can be ordered or has been ordered by a trial court. This sentence can be the final judgment for a fine, imprisonment, or any punishment to be done to a convicted person.

Looking For Criminal Defense Lawyers In Pennsylvania

Finding the right lawyer is challenging especially if it is your first time. Following are some tips you might want to consider in finding a lawyer:

  1. Understand Your Case

First and foremost, you must understand your case so you would know who to ask for help from. Remember that lawyers have different specializations depending on what you want them to defend or what needs to be worked on.

Remember that we can say if the lawyer is “right” if his specialization and experience match your needs. This leads us to the next tip.

  1. Check For Law Offices

After identifying your legal needs, you can then search for law firms or lawyers. Make sure to be specific in your search like putting the specialization of the lawyer you are looking for. You may also try searching using a location like Criminal defense lawyer Downingtown PA or any other specific location. You may try using the internet or directories. Then you contact them.

The important part in checking with law offices is how they entertain you or how they respond to your inquiries. You would know if you are calling in the right office or lawyer if he or she knows and responds right away if you present your case. If he or she is in doubt, then you should be in doubt too. If the lawyer is very knowledgeable about the case, he will sound confident and no doubt could be traced.

  1. Check The Lawyer’s Experiences

This is an integral part in choosing your lawyer. Checking the history of lawyers, if there are numerous successful cases, then the chance of success for your case is high. If history is questionable, then you know what it means.

  1. Check Their Rates And Fees

There is a law for attorneys to charge reasonable fees, rest assured because they know all about it!  The thing that you need to check is how the law office charges, is it hourly? Per project? Contingency Basis? You have to make sure about it already from the start to avoid miscommunication in the future.

Moreover, knowing the rates and fees of different legal offices and attorneys, you would be able to choose which one suits your budget best. Also, if you know the rates, you can prepare the certain amount needed for your case.

In conclusion, if you are facing legal problems, you need the services of an attorney. In choosing the “right” legal defender, you need to make sure that he is an expert (he specializes in the case you want to be solved), has adequate experience, and someone your budget can afford (link: Case closed!

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