How can the best quality video converter help to convert from MP4 to AVI?

MP4 is one of the best and most used video formatting software that is preferred by most of the users. People are more interested in using the software as they have an opportunity to share the videos on any social media platform. The software helps in converting MP4 to AVI on a Mac or a windows computer. There are a lot of features that the software provides that has made it highly interesting. The Uniconverter software is the best example for covering the videos without compromising the quality.

So, are you eager to know about the various video converters that ensure high-quality video conversions? Here’s a quick rundown on most of them:

a. Free Video Converter

The Free Video Converter is available for free and helps in converting the videos in MP4 format into the AVI format. The opposite is also possible. By far it has been found that this is one of the easiest programs that is being used by most of them who are looking for such software. The software is extremely reliable as well as virus-free. This has the facility to support all the audio as well as video formats. The free version is also available for Mac as well as Windows users. They can simply download and then install the software and then use it. The steps for downloading the software are explained below.

Steps to download the software with a Free Video Converter

You need to first open Free Video Converter in the system and then you will be able to convert the video directly.

  • You just need to select on add files button which is available at the top-left corner where you need to add the MP4 folders that you wish to convert. This service is for free and you can add a lot of files by simply dragging and dropping them.
  • Then select the button which says convert all the files. Where you will get options like ‘choose the AVI format under the Video tab’, open the format list and select a video resolution. In case if you are thinking to edit the video then you need to do it before converting. For that, you need to click on the edit button where you will get options like rotate the added video or crop it or trim it.
  • Select the convert all button and then the converting process will start. This converting process is for free and after the converting is done, you will get these files in the converted tab.

b.Any Video Converter

This software is not only available for free but also offers you the facility of converting a lot of videos into different formats. This software will definitely support the conversion of MP4 to AVI quite easily. It can also be used in both Mac as well as Windows.

c. Handbrake

A handbrake is a software that has come up recently. This software also provides you with a lot of benefits. The process of using the software is quite easy and particularly when a user is converting a video from MP4 to AVI. They are available to be used in both Mac as well as Windows.

d. Freemake Video Converter

There are video converters which provide you with a solid user experience, whereas some of them might not fulfill your demands in this regard. The Freemake video converter will not let you face such problems at all. With this software, you have an opportunity to download videos from a lot of websites. With the various range of conversion facilities, you will definitely be surprised by the software. It’s time to explore the software now. This is available to be used only in the windows. 

Cloud Convert – Convert the videos from MP4 to AVI for Free through Online

This cloud-based software is best for downloading many videos. But you need to keep this thing into consideration that the video can be a little sluggish. As well as slightly confusing for the people who are using it for the first time. These are some of the most powerful software which will help you in converting the MP4 into AVI format.

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