How Do I Set Up Fitbit For My Child?

Fitbit Trackers are essential for people of all ages, especially in today’s busy schedule of life, where people hardly get time to breathe properly. These trackers give out challenges and instructions on an everyday basis as to how to work out.

But for kids, this device needs to be connected to their parents. Let’s see how to go around with the process:

Family account or Individual:

Fitbit trackers for kids are a good choice, especially the ‘ace’ version of it is the most exclusive one. But what comes into question is the security you are offering for your child, which is the reason to have a family account. Using a family account for your kid’s device will not only enable you to secure the health aspects of his or her but most importantly, will also keep his or her details private.

If the child’s device has an individual account of his or her own, then you will always have to keep a check on the account. But in the case of a family account, you can very well manage your child’s device.


The installation method of the best kids Fitbit is quite simple and easy, but the very common mistake that almost all parents do is that they set up their devices to make their child’s separate account. One needs to understand that only creating different passwords and usernames won’t let you have access to the child’s details.

For establishing a way into your child’s account, you first have to install the Fitbit app in the according device that will be used by your kid. Then you have to go further to log in your account, which may be previously created, and if not, so get hold of a new one.

Set up:

Next in the process comes the setting up of the device. In the setup page, you will find something called the ‘account card’. As soon as you click to select it, you will get another set of options from which you will have to choose the ‘family account’ option.

Clicking the family account will open to you a page that will be containing personal information like username and passwords. Then as a complete step, you will need to accept all the terms and conditions given to you, which and thus, your account will be successfully created.

Next in line comes the feeding in your kid’s details to the account. You will technically have to give out personal details to the software like, for instance, height, weight, age, username, etc. Once you are done preparing the account, link up the Fitbit account of your kid with your tracker.

At the last step of the entire process, you will be instructed to give over the respective device to your kid so that through a process of sensation as seen in many cases, the app completes the last tit-bits of arranging itself ready for use.


One thing to be kept in mind is that if you are planning to sync more than one tracker to your device, you will have to sync each tracker individually. First, reach to the page for a family account; there you will get an option to ‘Switch to Kid View’.

Open up that page and scroll downwards to get hold of the Sync Now options; after the syncing completes, go to the Parent View page again and repeat the entire procedure as needed. Syncing will help you to track down every activity of your kid.

Through these steps, you and also your kid can very easily start using the trackers. But if there is any other specific query, immediately opt for the customer care help. Why Mornington Peninsula Locksmiths Say to Replace Your Locks on New Homes.

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