How Does the Law Provides Justice

Why do we need law and justice:

Justice is among the highest goals of society. And it can only be achieved by enforcing the law. The intention behind making these laws is to treat every individual of society equally in every matter.

The statue of a blindfolded woman, with balance in one hand and sword in another hand, symbolizes something. Blindness means that law has no concern with the status, power, race, or other factors that might affect the fair decision.

Sword represents power and authority, whether you like it or not, but you have to follow the laws and court decisions in favor of a peaceful society.

Lawyer as representative of the law:

Laws are for every member of society, but lawyers are the ones who study them deeply. And with this knowledge, he guides the people who face legal issues. It is his responsibility to correspond with the laws and how they will be used in favor of a client.

Types of laws:

There are many types of laws for every field. One person can not master every field, so there are many lawyers with their areas of interest or expertise.

Criminal law:

All the cases of violating the laws by committing crimes come under this category. They intend to find and punish such people for being a lesson for the rest of the people.

The lawyer here gathers shreds of evidence, maintains all the documentation, and arranges the witness interviews. This not only deals with culprits but also defends the innocent ones with a false allegation.

Corporate law:

Corporate law deals with business matters, whether the business is conducted legally by federal or local rules and regulations. Lawyers here work for one corporation, or they work with firms to deal with many corporate clients.

Lawyers make sure that corporation is fulfilling the compliance standards and regulates the filling of legal paperwork. They even take care of the corporation when it is in court for any matter.

Litigation and dispute resolution:

Dispute resolution includes all the methods or processes used in solving the conflict, claim, or dispute. These disputes can be of any type like family, business, employment, or environmental.

The federal government uses this dispute resolution to help the government employees or even private citizens solve the dispute or conflict at the workplace, contracting matters, or employment. This resolution is preferable because of some advantages. It has less formality and more flexibility.

Do we need a lawyer?

A lawyer is a connection between citizens and the legal system. They facilitate the client in every matter so that they can quickly deal with the problem. They are the ones on whom you can rely and trust because they work in your favor.

A lawyer isn’t required in every matter, but to get familiar with the legal proceedings, a lawyer can be the best guide and provide you with some professional advice.

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