How Many eSports Games can you bet on?

Betting is one of the best ways to make money in the continually growing industry of eSports. The alternatives are to become a professional gamer or start a channel on Twitch and hope people gain interest in you.

With betting, you don’t need popularity to make money. Instead, your success lies in how good you become at betting and which games you bet on. Alternatively, You can also check this list of betting sites if you want to bet on. This article will take you through some of the best games for eSports betting and offer tips to help you wager profitably.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Valve’s CSGO is one of the most successful online multiplayer games. It’s also incredibly famous worldwide and boasts of a fan base of over 10 million monthly users and up to 800,000 daily players. Valve also sponsors major tournaments each year, with the major circuit having a $1 million prize pool.

The presence of multiple tournaments makes it lucrative to specialize in CSGO betting. Most of these competitions are supported by major bookmakers, which help avail vital betting data. You could also find a wealth of information about CSGO and other eSports games on As such, the Valve-owned games make a good case of why you should bet on it.

But what specifically do people bet on CSGO tournaments? Obviously, you can predict match-winners in each competition. Another common betting outcome relates to map winners. It’s as straightforward as it sounds. You could also predict which team wins a pistol round or bet on the more challenging handicaps bets.


DOTA 2’s competitions boast of prize pools as huge as $30 million. Like CSGO, you could also bet on the game’s tournaments nearly every week. It’s also free to play the game, so you can easily learn more about it by playing the game.

Although you can bet on multiple outcomes before a game begins, the best way to wager on DOTA is while the match goes on. Bookmakers call this form of wagering in-play betting. Its biggest benefit is that you can watch what’s happening in the game and make informed betting decisions.

On the contrary, betting odds change swiftly. For example, the odds of killing the second Roshan by a famous professional could be 1.5. But as soon as he terminates the first Roshan, the odds could be downed to 1.30.

League of Legends (LOL)

Similar to DOTA 2, League of Legends is also free to play. And due to that, it’s one of the most popular games in the eSports community. Some even claim it’s the best multiplayer battle arena game out there. From its stunning graphics to immersive gameplay, role-playing to missions, LOL is not your average video game.

The game’s developer, Riot Games, fortunately, maintains the game frequently to keep it impressive at all times. The company also runs an eSports series with prize pools of up to $2 million. Of course, very few are talented enough to earn lucrative prize pools.

But you can win hundreds or thousands of dollars by predicting LOL match outcomes correctly. Being such a popular and well-organized game, it’s easy to analyze data about leagues, players and pretty everything else that can help you win bets.


Blizzard owned Overwatch features cartoonish characters but it’s every bit action-packed as much as League of Legends or DOTA 2. It’s also an exceedingly popular game with a World Cup competition that brings together from players from all major continents.

Being a team-based game, betting on Overwatch calls for a great understanding of how teams work. You need to learn which leagues have the best teams and bet on them. Additionally, you could wager on handicaps when a significantly more powerful team plays a group of novices.

Of course, it’s also important to stream Overwatch regularly to understand the game better. Alternatively, you can make your betting decisions by analyzing data posted online. Watching the game or even playing gives you a better understanding of how it works.


If you thought CSGO was popular, you’ll be stunned by Fortnite’s statistics. During major competitions, up to 80 million players participate with the grand prize finally being won by one player. This year’s World Cup, for example, involved 80 million gamers but the trophy was nabbed by a 16-year-old American gamer.

Fortnite also holds the bragging rights for the highest number of concurrent games at 7.6 million. For comparison, CSGO’s highest number of daily players ever recorded was slightly short of one million players. Still, Fortnite is free to play although Epic Games makes money of it by selling in-game items.

Betting on Fortnite works similarly to other games. You can predict the last player standing, the top five players or how long it takes for each battle to complete. Of course, you need to do great research to find out who are the best Fortnite gamers and bet on them regularly.

Players Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

Before Fortnite broke the record for most players in a session; PUBG held that record with 3.6 million concurrent players. It’s still a famous game and works in the same fashion as Fortnite. Players drop into the same region and fight off until one person remains standing.

Due to its similarity with Fortnite, it features the same betting markets. You can predict who wins each battle, how quickly the battle ends or how many kills a specific player achieves.


If you prefer simulation games to shooters, FIFA 20 is one of the best games to play. But unless you believe you are talented enough to win tournaments and take home millions in prize pools, a better way to make money is to bet on FIFA tournaments.

Surprisingly, betting on FIFA is almost like wagering on a football match. Each competitor has specific odds on bookie sites. There are also odds for a draw. When it comes to betting, you can predict anything related to a football match. You could bet which players get booked, how many goals are scored or the correct scores.

To Conclude

There are numerous games with eSports tournaments these days. Find a game you love, a genuine betting site and research about each before you bet. You’ll have better odds of winning when you make decisions based on thorough research.