How many people can sit at a 60 inch round table

Nowadays, a lot of families use dining tables for their meals. However, choosing a suitable size of the table is an important step. There are many furniture manufacturers making round tables for small spaces, so look for such dining tables or create a custom-made (DIY) table that ideally fits the area you are going to please. For example, you can consult noithatkenli to find more models. So, how to determine the dining table size for your family? And specifically, how many people can sit at a 60 inch round table? 

How to choose a suitable size for a dining table?

You need to consider two main issues when choosing table size. Those are the area of the dining room and the number of your family members. First of all, look at the size of the entire room to determine the largest size of the dining table. Then, gradually reduce the size to suit the number of people if it is too large. 

Moreover, the minimum distance between the edge of the table and the nearest wall should be about one meter. This is a good distance for people who sit and stand up from the table. Normally, about 6-8 people can sit at a 60 inch round table. If you organize a party, you will need to set more space for each person. In this case, 6 people are suitable. If there is a limited number of tables but you need to set tables for large numbers of people, you can consider setting more people in a table (9 or 10 people).

About 6 to 8 people can fit a 60 inch round table

Basing on that standard, more people can fit a larger table and vice versa. 8-10 people can sit at a 72 inch round table. For the rectangle table, 6-8 people can sit at a 6’ (72”) table and 8-10 people can sit at an 8’ (96”) table. The number of people sitting at a table also depends on the purpose and the organization. For example, if the table is for children at a party, you may need to set more chairs. 

Other notes when buying a dining table

Determine the position of the table and chair to suit the place

This step will help your family know how much area to use for a table, from that estimating size of the table that you are tending to buy. You should consider the overall dining space of your family in terms of area, wall color, floors to choose a table that suits the house’s architectural style. 

If your kitchen is quite small, the tables should not be too big since it will make the dining area cramped. On the other hand, you should not choose a table which is too small compared to the kitchen space. 

Choose style and material

Choosing a modern or classic dining table style depends on the architectural preference of the host. If you are into modernity, you should choose a table with a simple style that does not have many patterns. If you like elegance and meticulousness, the classic style is a suitable suggestion. 

Classic European style dining table is usually made from high-quality materials such as floss, eucalyptus, felt, and leather with many motifs and patterns. The tables with classic styles are usually durable and bring nobility for the dining room. Besides, modern style dining tables are made of many different materials such as wood, stainless steel, glass or iron.   

Choosing suitable material is an important step in choosing a dining table

With spacious, modern, and luxurious spaces, a stone dining table is a perfect choice. The stone tablet has a variety of designs and sizes with vivid colors. Especially, it is easy to clean a stone table, which brings convenience to its owner. On the other hand, a wooden table can bring a warm, rustic feeling for your house. It is believed that a wooden table with solid design can bring stability and sustainability to people. So, the wooden table is the first choice of households because of its outstanding quality and aesthetics aspects. 

Moreover, glass is also a popular material in making the dining table. Glass is easy to be cleaned and waterproof, its price is affordable. Apart from the tabletop, you should also be careful in choosing materials to make frame and table legs. Frame and table legs are often made by wood, metal to ensure durability to lift the entire weight of the table. 

Choose the shape for the dining table

The rectangular table is the most popular design of most families. This kind of table is favorite because of its design and convenience. Its design is suitable for almost every space, room size, and helps to save area. Typically, more than four people can sit on a normal rectangular table, so it is suitable for a family having from four to ten members. 

The round table is the first choice for small dining room space. With a design that uses only one leg, the round dining table creates a close, intimate space between family members. Moreover, the rounded design of the tabletop helps to ensure safety if your family has children. However, with this type of table, it is difficult to organize parties or banquets at home. 

Choose a suitable color

A beautiful dining table is not only about its design or material, but also by color. Colors express the aesthetic and personality of the owners. It also affects the emotional status of family members. People often use neutral colors in their kitchen or dining room such as white, yellow, brown. These colors can create lightness and elegance for space. 

Neutral colors are often used when designing dining table

Moreover, you should consider which color will make the foods look good on the table to choose a suitable one. That makes your meal more delicious. However, avoid the table with too flashy and vibrant colors. 

The dining table is an indispensable item in the kitchen space. It not only contributes to the aesthetic of the house but also creates a close atmosphere for your family in every meal. Each space has a different design that will fit different types of tables and chairs. So, it is important to choose the right dining room table. A suitable dining table will be a highlight for your dining room. A beautiful sofa will be the inspiration of every living room and the focus of the house. Refer to for some factors and suggestions mentioned about to choose a perfect sofa for your house. 

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