How To Care for Your Dog While You Travel

How To Care for Your Dog While You Travel

Most people have to go out of town overnight, whether for a business trip, family visit, or vacation at some time or another. Is it better to take your dog with you, or would he be happier not traveling? There are several options, but it really depends on your dog’s temperament and history as to which one would be ideal for him. Unfortunately, pups can’t speak human, so they can’t tell you their preference. However, you know your dog and can make your best guess in deciding what will make him happiest while keeping him safe and keeping you worry-free.

Board Your Dog in a Kennel

Some people find that boarding their dog at a kennel works out well. However, the noise from the other boarded dogs barking and being in an institutional-feeling environment similar to a dog pound can make it a traumatizing experience, especially if your dog is a rescue. Kennels typically have someone working at the location at all times, so this means that there will always be someone looking out for the dogs, even outside of business hours. Like other businesses, different kernels are better for meeting different needs. Some kennels are practically doggy spas; they treat dogs like royalty. These places provide luxurious amenities and a lot of playtime on elaborate playgrounds, even pools. They’re kind of like a doggy version of a Caribbean cruise. Others are very basic, taking care of the dog’s essential needs without extras. Of course, the more elaborate the kennel and its services, the more you’re going to pay.

Board Your Dog in a Pet Sitter’s Home

Many dog sitters will watch your dog in their home. This is an excellent option if your pup needs more one-on-one attention or thrives better in a home atmosphere. Some pet sitters will book more than one pet to stay at a time. They may even have their own pets. Consequently, if your dog doesn’t get along with other animals, it’s probably best to find a sitter who can take care of your dog alone or look at the alternatives.

Hire a Pet Sitter To Sit In Your Home

Hiring an in-home dog sitter can be one of the best options for most dogs if you can find someone you trust to stay in your home. These days, thanks to pet sitting apps and social media, it’s easy to find dog sitters with great reviews from people who have used their services and recommend them. Most dogs would be happier and feel more secure staying in their own home than in an unfamiliar setting. The dog sitter can keep your dog on its regular routine and give individualized attention. You can also feel more confident having someone keep an eye on your home while you’re gone.

Hire a Pet Sitter To Drop-In on Your Dog

If your dog is comfortable being away from humans most of the time or has another animal for company, you may want to hire a drop-in pet sitter. They will arrive at whatever times of the day or night you specify to take care of all your dog’s needs. Usually, these sitters will feed and water the dog, walk him or let him out to potty, and provide some cuddles and playtime. Sometimes it can be more cost-effective to have a sitter stay in your home overnight than pay for individual drop-in visits.

Let Your Dog With Travel With You

The ideal option for the typical pup parent would be to bring your dog on your travels with you. Many dogs would prefer the same. Unfortunately, this is often not doable because of your destination, accommodations, method of transportation, or other factors.

Whatever you decide to do with your dog when you go on a trip, you must get some detailed information on all the possible options available in your area. Then, look at the advantages and disadvantages of each based on your dog’s needs and temperament. With a bit of thought and planning, you and your dog will feel comfortable and worry-free, even if you must miss each other for a while.

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