E-Learning has become the top priority of educators for both corporate and academic fields. There are a lot of e-Learning platforms available for use these days. Although there is a vast choice for choosing platforms for online learning, specific specs and services make them different in terms of accessibility. While selecting an e-Learning platform, questions like which e-learning platform is easier to use, more secure, more suitable for your use are there, and comparisons like Thinkfic vs Teachable come to mind. Online learning has already become a jugular vein for training regimes of many big companies, and taking cognizance of its advantages makes it clear that the future of training depends mainly on these e-Learning platforms. Here, I will discuss some factors that will help you choose the best platform for online learning.


The most crucial factor in deciding the right e-Learning platform is to check if it is easier for the learners to use it. The platform should have a user-interactive design, and it should be providing simple navigation to the users for accessing the whole system. Complex navigation and teaching methods that are not interactive can be a deal-breaker and distract the students from their goals. Always prefer a platform that comprises a simple design and provides ease of access to its users.


E-Learning platforms that are SCORM Compliant can teach the students better. SCORM refers to the Sharable Content Object Reference Model and is the de-facto industry standard for interoperability among different e-Learning platforms. Always pick the SCORM compliant LMS so that the students can share information and content across other learning systems. This enables the students to learn things in a better way.


The online platforms that you are using should be secure and should be compliant with the laws. The personal information of the students, as well as the instructors, should be protected. The platform should have different encryptions to protect the personal information of everyone. During a class, there can be a lot of disruptions like Zoom bombing and many other safety issues. Your e-learning platform should be immune to all these threats.


Your e-Learning platform should be a cost-effective one. There are many LMS available in the market today that charge extra bucks for providing features that are irrelevant for your use. You would want to have an e-learning platform that offers a lot of relevant features and is cost-effective. Using a platform with more unnecessary features would burn a hole in your pocket and make things overly complicated. So, always look for the LMS that offers relevant features at a reasonable price and has options for flexible payments.


The platform should have cross-platform accessibility so that the students can learn from anywhere and anytime. This enables the students to have the freedom to access their lessons from the palm of their hands, hence making them feel more empowered. Always check with your LMS vendor if the platform is compatible with smartphones, tablets, and other operating systems. 


Picking the right e-Learning platform can be an arduous task. For companies that use these platforms to educate their employees or academic organizations that use these for their students, choosing the right platform is crucial. Certain things should be kept in mind while picking up the suitable LMS. The organizations should check if their training goals can be met with the features provided by these platforms. Here, I tried to discuss some points that should be kept in mind when you choose an e-Learning platform.

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