How to Choose the Mother of the Bride Wedding Dress

An Indian wedding is mostly lavish and everyone is in their most royal look. Therefore, as it is the most important day for the bride and of greater importance to her mother as well. Most mothers wait for this day when their daughters start their own families and her wedding day is the first step to this new life. Therefore, as she witnesses her daughter getting married all the vibe is in what is the bride wearing and if everything is in place. Therefore, the mother should get the same care and have her outfit picked out carefully. As you chose yourcrop top Lehenga online also choose an attire for your mother that is elegant enough as you share the limelight with her. Here are tips that will help you while choosing the best dress for the mother of the bride for her daughter’s wedding.

Select the right style

Since most of the mother’s love dressing to sarees and salwar suits for their daughter’s wedding. Have your mother adorn to something unique that is elegant and refined for her age. There are many designs flooding the market. Plus, you can allow her to dress out of the norm to set a trend for others. Since there are various occasions as the wedding progresses. Choose dresses for her as the ceremony demands. Also, to make it easier to pick the same outfit but different design for both of you. For instance, an Anarkali suit for the Sangeet of different colors, textures, and designs will make her noticeable. However, if your mother wants to stand out in her unique dress, like a dream outfit of a Kanjeevaram saree or age-appropriate lehengas will do the trick.

Types of embellishments 

What types of embellishments are fit for the mother of the bride’s outfit? Most people have no idea whether to go simple or grand with the type of embellishments to adorn on the mother of the bride’s dress. Yet, for an Indian wedding other than color and texture the embellishments are the most attractive aspect of the dress. Depending on the budget you cannot lack a lux and rich look with Zardosi embroidery. The magnificent work of art that the gold and silver thread designs outline is best used in at least one outfit of many occasions. The idea is to go out of the norm and get an outfit that takes you to the next level.  Alternatively, some mothers find garbs with Zardosi embroidery work heavy to wear around the wedding. Hence you can opt for Gota Patti embroidery that is light and adds a royal look to the outfit. Ensure you choose one that complements your daughters’ outfit for that particular ceremony.

The color choice 

Always go for bright colors for an Indian wedding. Although most mothers prefer to adorn to subtle and elegant looks. Get a stylist that can balance the colors and embellishments so that they blend in perfectly. Plus, get advice on how to wear them properly for a flawless look. This will help a lot especially if your color theme has a lot of loud colors that can damage a look if someone does not know how to dress them. So if you have not budgeted for the stylist you can play along and balance the look. Such that rich hues have fewer embellishments or subtle colors that are matched with sparkly elements. Consider your mother’s complexion as you choose the colors and the type of jewelry that she plans to wear. Royal blue, green and gold are some of the vibrant colors for their dresses while lavender, pink and peach will work best for those that prefer delicate colors. All in all, the bride knows her mother best and she can surprise her with a beautiful outfit in her favorite color even when it doesn’t blend with the theme.


Once the outfit is sorted out choose the right accessories that will help moms outfit stand out better. This rage from designer bangles, diamond or gold earrings to the beautiful clutches. Ensure that the accessories you choose reflect your mother’s personality. For no matter how fabulous they are or how they complement her ensemble. If it’s not one that suits her well she will feel uncomfortable in them. Hence aim to add a magical touch to your mother’s outfit. And as a mom go shopping with your daughter and as she finalizes her look she can help you choose the right accessories. This includes the dupattas that are great to accessorize all the outfits that she will wear. While choosing the dupatta consider how your mother wants to drape it. Do not forget the shoes, rings, perfume among other necessary essentials.

The hairstyles

There are many hairstyles that the mother of the bride can style too. Although most of them prefer hair away from their face. For instance, a chignon style is elegant and timeless and it is a perfect blend to compliment any outfit. Despite the type of hair either its thinning or full of volume the chignon style favors either. Style your mother in this beautiful hairstyle that is universally flattering.  Optionally, another beautiful hairstyle that is popular is the low bun. This is best for Indian mothers for most of them have long hair that you can turn into many styles and bring out a fun bun. Remember to add a decorative pin or Gajra for a perfect finish.

In summary, the mother of the bride is the host when it comes to her daughter’s wedding. And it is an emotional affair for not only the mother of the bride but for all parents involved and the couple as well. Therefore, since their princess is getting married off they have to make it a big deal and ensure their sartorial choices are right and wedding-ready. Get the most amazing outfit for the mother of the bride that is comfortable and picture-perfect for your big day.

Authored by Shrutika  Potwar

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