How to Choose the Right Gaming Mouse?

Well, most people believe a standard mouse can be used for PC gaming. While it’s the case for many gamers, but if you are serious about gaming, you will need to pick the right gaming mouse. Why? Because a gaming mouse has higher sensitivity, adjustable weight, and faster response times than a standard mouse. 

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Choosing the right gaming mouse isn’t tough. Let me take you through the steps so you can pick a great mouse in no time. 

Know Your Grip Style

One of the most important aspects of a gaming mouse is the grip. The grip while playing a game might differ from the one you use during mundane tasks. While everyone is different and has a unique grip style, but it can be narrowed down to three types, namely:

  • The Tip Grip: This involves only the tips of your index, middle, and ring fingers. The tips of these fingers will usually occupy the left, right, and the wheel of the mouse with the thumb on the side of the mouse. If that sounds like you, then the tip grip is perfect for you. 
  • Palm Grip: This is the most common amongst all the gamers out there. In the palm grip, users’ fingers rest on the buttons while the entire palm stays on the mouse’s body. 
  • Claw Grip: Claw grip is a mixture of tip and palm grip. In Claw grip, your palm rests at the end of the mouse’s body while your fingertips are angled in towards the buttons. Sounds like you? 

Now that you have figured out your grip type, it’s time to move towards the software customization offers. 

Customization Options

Almost every gaming mouse comes with its own software. It might come along with the mouse as a stand-alone package or in a suite that is compatible with other gaming devices, such as keyboards and headsets. You can use this software to customize the buttons, change DPI, or set up a lighting profile. You can also improve the sensitivity of the mouse buttons. 

Wired or Wireless?

Well, it depends mainly on your preferences. If you want better convenience, then a wireless mouse might be an ideal choice for you. But that’s not it. A wireless mouse might have a possible input lag on the precision and accuracy of the mouse. It might be due to the reason that the wireless mouse requires more time to send instructions to the receiver. 

However, with the advancement in technology, the modern wireless mouse can be so good that you might not even notice any difference between a wired and a wireless mouse. Therefore, it is crucial to read reviews and testimonials from existing customers. 

In case you want the best out of the device, you might want to choose the wired mouse. 

Should It be All-Purpose or Specialized Mice

The enormous amount of gaming mouse on the market has left the customers overwhelmed. If someone is offering an all-purpose mouse at a low price, then it might not be as good (in terms of quality) as you would expect. A right gaming mouse will inevitably cost you a lot. But the way it performs will surely be value for money. If you are looking for a mouse that can work for both mundane and gaming tasks. 

Different Types of Mouse: Just like PCs, there are tons of gaming mice to choose from. Some of them are:

Shooter Mice: If you are a fan of first-person and third-person shooting games, then this might be an ideal choice for you. They are relatively simple and can be fully functional using only three fingers. 

MMO or MOBA Mice: If you are a fan of multiplayer games, such as World of Warcraft or Age of Empires, then MMO mice can be the perfect option for you. 


As mentioned above, choosing the right gaming mouse isn’t difficult. However, make sure that you pick the right one as per your grip and customization requirements. Also, it should be based on the purpose of your mouse.

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