How to Download CokernutX

For many iOS users, jailbreaking is no longer a possibility, but there is help at hand. Several app installers have been released over the years, mainly as Cydia alternatives offering tons of modified games, apps and game emulators. One of the latest, and arguably a very popular installer, is CokernutX. Before we look into what it is, here’s how to download it.

How to Download CokernutX

Downloading CokernutX is easy enough to do, requiring you to download the profile to your device:

  1. Download the CokerNutx Configuration Profile onto your device
  2. Tap Install and go to your homepage
  3. Before you open the app, tap on Settings > General
  4. Go into Profiles, tap the CokernutX profile and tap Trust

Now you can use CokernutX.

What is CokernutX?

A third-party iOS app installer, CokernutX offers users plenty of third-party apps and games without the need to install Cydia. There is no need to use your Apple ID, and there are no restrictions on what apps you can download – even those that are geo-restricted are open to all users.

CokernutX offers thousands of games, apps, and tweaks, most of which are modified and cant be found in the official iOS app store. It is one of the easiest app stores to use and is very secure. Let’s look at these features in more depth:

App Features:

CokernutX doesn’t have so much content as other app installers but what it does offer is quality:

  • It’s free – there is no charge for downloading or using CokernutX and all the apps and games are free too
  • No need for Cydia or Apple ID – you don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad to enjoy what CokernutX has to offer, and neither is your Apple ID required. Simply download and enjoy it.
  • Secure – SSL encryption is used to download your apps and games in total safety
  • Unofficial content – there are plenty of unofficial apps and games to download, including tweaked stock apps, emulators, streaming apps, screen recorders, and much more.

CokernutX offers more than 5,000 apps, games, and tweaks to choose from, pretty much-offering something for all users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions about CokernutX are asked more than others; here are the answers to those questions:

What is CokernutX?

CokernutX is a third-party app store offering unofficial apps and games that cant be found in official sources.

Does it Cost Anything?

No. CokernutX is completely free to download and use, and all the content is free too.

What About a Jailbreak? Apple ID?

You don’t need either of those to use CokernutX. There is just one restriction to using the app installer – your iPhone or iPad must be on iOS 8 or higher.

How Do I Contact the Developers?

You can follow the developers on social media, and the best place to contact us and keep up with all the latest news is via our Twitter account.

How Do You Determine Which Games or Apps Should Be In CokernutX?

When CokernutX was first released, it contained just a handful of popular games and apps from the iOS app store. Then we began adding more as a way of helping the jailbreak community. Now we include all sorts of popular tweaked apps and games, Cydia tweaks and more, to help all users, not just the jailbreak community.

What About Advertising?

CokernutX does not accept advertising apps. Our aim is to give you a great app experience, not throw ads at you. We do have a couple of ads in the app, and we promise that these will not interfere with your experience; we don’t have anywhere near the ads most free apps have.

Am I Allowed to Publish CokernutX Content?

Absolutely! CokernutX is open-source and free of restrictions.

Why Should I Download CokernutX?

Because of what it offers. It may not have the same number of apps and games as other similar installers, but it does offer quality. It is a safe app to use, easy to use, free, and one of the best app installer experiences.

Try CokernutX for yourself; you have nothing to lose, and you may never go back to the official store again. Feel free to share this on your social media pages.

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