How to enhance the beauty of your space?

Your environment plays a critical role in your levels of productivity and overall wellbeing. Whether it is your home, office, or perhaps both, you need a bright space that resonates with your personality.

Creating a tranquil area is a matter that transcends one’s aesthetic sensibilities and design preference.

The structure, light, color, and inner workings of your home are all interdependent. The space that you are in, nurtures your energy and helps you live life to the fullest.

If you are wondering about how to beautify your living spaces to make peaceful and calm surroundings, then this is the best place to start.

We have compiled a list of tried and tested ways to make a difference.

Declutter first

If you have been active on social media recently, you must have heard of the KonMari method of tidying up.

The KonMari process follows the ethos of cleansing chaos from living spaces through the removal of clutter from apparent spots. Studies have revealed that up to 20 minutes are lost during each working session due to disorganization.

Clearing the clutter is the first step towards your ideal workspace.

Make a statement

Once you have removed all the unneeded things from your surroundings, the next step is to introduce a few elements that can help you transform the bland living area, studio, or even your bedroom.

You can play with robust colors to enhance the mood of a room. A bright wall in the center of a room or a contrasting color on the ceiling can make a world of difference.

You can also add a feature wall near your entryway to add a touch of elegance. Eclectic wall art poses brilliant ice-breakers to initiate a conversation with an absolute stranger.

The key here is to identify the best color combination. Here are a few brilliant color schemes that we found on Veranda during our research.

You can stylize your space seasonally by updating colors according to the time of the year, or you can also keep a simple color scheme throughout your area that gets a few minimalist touches here and there to revamp the entire look.

Whether you like pastels, pinks, or reds, make sure that your interior reflects an aspect of your personality.

Recognize flower power

Botanical gardens are often chosen as an escape by professionals. Many individuals run to gardens, forests, and nature trails to relax and recharge.

Keeping plants in your surroundings helps with oxygenation while also adding a pop of verdant greens in your otherwise dull environments.

We came across some of the best parlor palms and hat palms from Manuel Diaz farms. These garden plants will bring a lush view just a few steps from your doorway.

If you are uncomfortable with trees and palms in your garden, then you can choose succulents and artificial flora to decorate your house and even your office.

Plants beautify every space that they touch. You keep Aloe Vera and weeping figs in your bedroom to reduce carbon dioxide accumulation in your room to create a serene resting space for yourself.

Accessorize accordingly

Accessories build up an identity for each room. Whether it is the color of the couch, the variation in cushion patterns, or the texture of the quilt on your bed, each element makes or breaks the overall look of the room.

Paying attention to details during choosing accessories is significant for you. You can add potted palms to create a tropical look. Or perhaps use a bold color scheme for the pillows to combat the cold.

Did you know that adding mirrors to a congested space helps in creating an illusion of a larger space? Using a few scientific tips about the impact of light and shadows can prove essential to anyone working on interior designs of a room.

It would help if you looked closely at the current furniture in your room to understand the precise spots that need a transformation.

When you have a very edgy, bold, and esoteric style echoing off the walls of your apartment, keeping the old, pre-war furniture might break the mood you’re trying to maintain. Remember to choose smart devices and smarter pieces that resonate with your vision and goals for space.

Let light rule

A beam of natural light brightens up any room. It brings clarity of mind and helps in highlighting the intricacy of design.

Studies have proven that natural light boosts productivity, controls anxiety, and oozes a sense of tranquility in any working/living space.

If your home or office does not have sufficient windows, then you can use various reflective materials to bounce the waves of light around the room. Strategic placement of mirrors could be all that room’s missing at the moment.

Final Takeaway

When you designate areas for activities, you already have a vision for each room.

So when it comes to design, you must remember the purpose of each spot. If you have specific design strategies for each area in your home, you can incorporate elements most suitable for the room.

Adding dim lights to your library might help in establishing a cozy feeling, but the same yellow lights would be a complete disaster for your office space.

Whether it is the addition of a few accents to a room or the replacement of old houseplants, it is significant to remember the purpose of the room.

The key to space beautification is minimalism. Remember, less is always more!

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