How to Enjoy a Sporting Weekend in Louisville Kentucky

There’s a lot to love about Louisville, not least its sporting prowess

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Getting away for the weekend is always wonderful, but getting away from it all and watching some sport? Now that’s a real treat. If you can get all of the boys together in time for a trip to Louisville this weekend then waste no time in doing it. We’ve compiled an itinerary that any sports fan would be envious of. Whether you’re into ball sports, racing, hunting, or just kicking back in a sports bar with a whole stack of wings, we’ve got something to suit every sports enthusiast. So buckle up, we’re going on a sporting weekend to end all sporting weekends.

Catch the Louisville Bats

You’re going to start off your weekend by catching The Louisville Bats in action. These guys are a minor league baseball team, but that doesn’t make them any less of a spectacle than the boys in the big leagues. You can find their stadium at the Louisville Slugger Field, a great venue for watching sports. Better still, because you’re going to a minor league game, you’re practically guaranteed a good view, certainly far superior to a major league game. Be careful to park on the visitor’s end of the field, unless of course, you’re a season ticket holder. If you want to grab a halftime snack then the Bats are super lucky to be home to some of the best traditionally smoked barbeque in town. It’s advisable to get in early though as queues for their delicious smokey meats can be lengthy.

Dine at The Blind Squirrel

The wings at The Blind Squirrel are to die for

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Once you’re finished with baseball it’s time to settle in for the evening and catch some sport. Louisville has a ton of sports bars, but the Blind Squirrel is one of the biggest and best. This establishment has no less than 20 high-definition televisions and takes up more than 10,000 square feet. You’ll have plenty of space for kicking back and plenty of choice in what to watch. Plus, when it gets to half time you can enjoy a whole host of sporting activities. There’s a virtual driving range for any aspiring golfers, a spacious outdoor beach where you can play volleyball, and a basketball hoop, in case that wasn’t enough to keep you amused. If you didn’t manage to snag something smokey whilst you watched the Bats then you needn’t worry about that rumbling stomach. The Blind Squirrel serves food the whole time they’re open and not just any old food. They serve classic American comfort food that’s always made from scratch. Their wings are served at market price, meaning you’re not only always getting the best price, but the best quality wings too. You can buy them by the mountain full, seasoned with dry rub, and served with ranch or blue cheese sauce.

Visit Churchill Downs

Churchill Downs isn’t just one of Louisville’s most famous sporting spots, it’s one of the most famous racecourses in the world. The view from the grandstand is always great, so it doesn’t matter if you’re there on a quieter day or the main event, you’re guaranteed a spectacle. Check before booking which days they’re holding racing and prepare yourself to fall in love with horse racing. If you’re planning on making a bet then it pays to be well informed. There are always bookmakers on the course, but most often there is better value to be found online. The odds tend to be a little more favorable online as overheads are lower, but also it’s possible to find free bet offers, which can make the whole event less expensive. If you’re a little unsure of where to look then SBO offers a rundown of all of the sites in your area that are offering free bets, alongside important information on each one. You can expect to find information on what the deposit and withdrawal methods are, as well as a helpful star rating giving the overall score of the site. They can’t guarantee that your horse will be first past the post, but they can help you to save a little money on the day.

Sundays Are For Hunting

Finally, we couldn’t get to the end of the weekend without making time for a little hunting. At WayToHunt we love seeing people getting out and about in nature and using all of their wits to come home with something tasty for the table. In Kentucky, you’re allowed to go Sunday hunting, which should round off your weekend perfectly. There’s certainly no big game hunting in this state, rather you’ll be going after rabbits, partridges, and maybe grouse if you’re lucky. Whatever you hunt, it all makes for good eating, so pluck it and bring it home to finish off the perfect sporting weekend with a feast amongst friends.

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