How to Get a Higher Response Rate from your Emails

Email marketing is looked upon as the technique of digital marketing with high potential. The simple reason for the same is almost each one of us check our mailbox the first thing in our smartphones just like a newspaper. Also, to execute this method of online advertising requires minimum expenses and has a higher response rate. But one must have a sound and lengthy list of email. The email allows you to directly enter into the personal inbox of your target audience.

Now the question arises how to convert the targeted audience in the potential customers? How to enhance the response rate? How to make your email interesting? What should be your mail pitch?

Stay tuned with the blog to get simple yet effective tips for email marketing.

Ways to get a higher response rate through the use of email marketing

The first thing that you must consider to get an increased response through email marketing is to build a strong list of Companies in your genre. Once you have the list incorporate the following basic things in your email to expect a better response:

  • Impressive and Clear Subject Line to indicate the motive of the mail. If the subject of the mail is not catchy, the readers may not be interested even to open the mails.
  • Personalization is a must. Keep the email pitch as personal as possible, do not try to be very formal.
  • Self Introduction to clearly indicate you and the services offered by you without asking much questions from the readers.
  • Call to Action must be the part of your mail which may contain a direct link to your website where there is a precise description of your product and services and try not to attach any false links that may break the interest of the reader.
  • Include real statistics rather than making self-praises. A realistic figure about your work and potential customers is much more interesting for the client. You may even include the name of few best clients you have worked for. Do not include all to make the list lengthy and boring.
  • Content Curation should be done in a way that every important detail is covered in minimum possible words. No one is here to read long essays neither anyone has the time for the same. Express the things that need attention in the form of pointers and highlight the things you want to be immediately noticed by the reader.
  • Simple without Spam do not try to include things that are not important. Readers are much smarter than you can think. Keep your mail simple and understandable. There is no use of writing a mail that cannot make a reader understand what you offer. If the mail is not written properly it may not appear in the inbox but directly enter the spam folder.
  • Formatting, Do not use unnecessary formatting like different fonts and colors, things can be expressed in a much better way with the use of bold, italics and underlining. Refer to some of the official mails or approach the top content writers to help you with the proper formatting of an email.

Bottom line

Keep a continuous track and maintain a record to compare your response rate over a period of time. It is very essential to know your progress. Look out for alternatives if you are not satisfied with your results. Check what is the loophole that makes you lag behind?  There is always a room for improvement. If you take into consideration the details described in the blog above you can certainly feel the enhancement in the response rate and get improved results.

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