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How To Obtain Free Fax Services From Google By CocoFax?

Google is an exceedingly useful and beneficial internet facility that assists millions of people every second. The transfer of information in office and whereabouts is crucial for a proper routine and serenity. Many people use Google merely for fun and games while this service can be used for transferring fax.

CocoFax is the service that you require for sending or receiving fax just over an internet connection. This superlative software is a free internet fax facility that aims to help you send your fax immediately and effortlessly.

Our brilliant software is an embodiment of our competition and experience in the field. GoogleFaxfree bestows you free fax services Google that can be accessed for 30 days as per our time limit. The GoogleFaxfree is the only service you need whenever you want to send or receive fax over the internet.

GoogleFaxfree Affiliation:

GoogleFaxfreeis an affiliated site of the original brand name known as CocoFax. The affiliated site plays absolutely no role in the fax services. Therefore, you need to switch to CocoFax if you want to avail of the best online fax services.

CocoFaxis a competent and extensive brand name in the field of online fax service. This is the same purpose software whose brilliance rivals that of all others in the competition. The qualities of CocoFax are listed in detail below:

CocoFax is a reliable online fax service that has been featured in many big outlets, such as Mac World, 9to5Mac, New York Magazine, Business Insider, Digital Trends and more. You can clearly guess that Google Fax is a renowned and reputed brand that is being used all around the world for its authenticity. To test the remarkable services we provide, visit CocoFax official website so you can always keep a check on the brilliant features of CocoFax.

Features of CocoFax:

CocoFax is a notably recognized and capable software that permits you to fax from your laptop without any problemEven as using the traditional fax machinean entire lot of issues can arise out of nowhere and there are numerous problems that can abate your workplace habitual.
To cope with such troubles, you want capable and reliable fax software that could solve all the problems that can facilitate and ease you during your work hours. CocoFax is available and reachable with exquisite cool abilities that make it stand proud of the opposition inside the marketOnce you employ this real fax software program to your every day’s fax goals, you in no way will worry longer the vintage fax issues that confined you back in the old days!

What Makes it Stand Out:



CocoFax is a huge carrier that is recognized and famed all throughout the globe. It’s favored for providing us with a free fax variety that can be used to provide get entry to for your G-mail identity.

2. Superior Services:

CocoFax makes fine that each one of your devices can provide to get proper of entry to this fax wizard. CocoFax is eligible to run on any machine that supports systems like the MAC, home windows, IOS, and Android. GoogleFaxfree helps customers within the most capability and best way feasible.

3. Reliable Service:

CocoFax aims to ease all of your problems which could stop you from an easy game of fax. Our career stands absolutely reliable and is trusted by the usage of tens of hundreds of thousands throughout the globe. The fax source record is absolutely encrypted and is absolutely protected from any outside arbitrary invasion.

4. Completely Secure:

CocoFax is guaranteed to be genuinely saved and protected in opposition to the troubles that lurk in any fax machine utilization. The advanced fax employs a whole safety protocol and makes certain that your records are stored secure and sound from any characteragency or company.


The Process Of Sending Fax:

Step 1: Register Details

CocoFax facilitates you avail of a 30-day trial for zero charges. This issuer can be used for 30 days to make certain the services that we provide are first-rate for the range of clients. The unfastened trial is provided to the G-mail that has been supplied to you. Consequently, preserving your G-mail safe and personal is the important thing to protect.

Step 2:Provide G-mail Access

CocoFax starts working the moment when you supply your G-Mail address. Your ID is confronted by the security chamber and is registered to your personal account on CocoFax. Our brilliant software immediately enrolls the new member and starts providing the best services in no time.

Step 3:The Setup Process

In the ‘To’ field where you normally enter the email address of the person who receives a fax, you will have to enter their fax number followed by ‘’. For example, if their fax number is ‘123456’, you will need to input:””.

Step 4:Finishing

Once all of these formalities are fulfilled, make sure to make the best use of this facility and avail the best of its features before the time runs out.

Once you click on on ‘send’ option, CocoFax will get hold of your fax and ahead of it to the fax number of the recipient you allowed access to. This process is vital and therefore, privacy must be tolerated.

The people who are looking forward to essential messages acquire the fax on their fax device. The method that takes place during this step is exceedingly fast and speedy relying on your data/internet connection.

Whilst the fax has been transmitted efficaciouslyyou will get a notification in your Gmail inbox that the fax became introduced efficiently. If for any reason your fax is unsuccessful, CocoFax will send you a notification about the equal.

How to Receive Fax on Gmail

Receiving is enormously easier and exceedingly fast because of the truth that it does not consume tons of your time. CocoFax welcomes the receiving fax mails to facilitate the recipient.
The specifically important element when it comes to receiving fax is obtaining a fax variety

You’re allowed a proportion of the allocated fax quantity with any individual who needs to send you to fax without interference. CocoFax makes certain that each demand of the character is met and you’re provided the best internet fax service of your lifetime.


Avail the best solution for a 30 day trial period from the biggest online fax solution to compete with your daily office requirements.Use the best electronic fax service to feel the taste of tradition with technology. CocoFax allows you to Devour on our relentless and free trial to experience the best online fax services right from your PC!

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