How to Overcome Laziness in School

How to Overcome Laziness in School

Laziness in school cannot be avoided; even the most dedicated students in every school have had to deal with laziness at one point or another. Laziness doesn’t have to deal with a student’s age or the level of education you may be acquiring. Whether you are a Ph.D. student or an elementary school student, be sure that you will experience a period of laziness in your academics.

However, to be a great student, you must learn how to overcome that lazy feeling within a short period and get back to studying. There are some tips that can greatly help you, just like an essay company can help you generate great essays. You can binge-watch your favorite shows or spend time surfing the internet and still be a productive student.

If your education is on a cliff because you can’t seem to bring yourself to stay focused in class, or you can’t just seem to get anything about school done, all hope is not lost. This article has put together some helpful tips to help you overcome laziness in school.

Be in a relaxed place – mentally and physically

Often, students are affected by their physical environment. We also often underestimate the physical environment’s effects on a student’s mental concentration. If you have a problem concentrating during your school studies or home studies, you need to check your schooling or studying environment. Do you love it? Are you comfortable in your environment?

If you are not, you will likely find no reason to enjoy your academics there. Also, aside from your physical environment, your mental and emotional state can affect your concentration. If you are in a somewhat toxic environment, you may find it hard to get anything done. What’s important is to get out of that toxic environment or get away from the toxic person and embrace a new, refined environment.

Divide Your Big Task into Smaller Ones

A major problem faced by students is fear. Not the fear of failing, but the fear of studying. This is often because of the “huge” studies they have to do. You should know that it is outrightly normal if you have such fear. However, overcoming this fear will have a lot to do with you. You need to make your “huge” studies look smaller and simpler.

You need to tell your brain that the study is not as huge as it seems. Now, break your studying into smaller parts. Divide your huge textbooks into smaller chapters, chapters into pages, and pages into sentences. Doing that will help you study more without even realizing it.

Make A Studying Timetable and Stick by it

Have a study plan. You should have a timetable or a study plan, at least. Although drawing a study timetable sounds easy, following up with it can be quite difficult. While drawing your plan, you can start with subjects you find difficult to understand. This is because your brain tends to absorb new information at the start of a study than anytime else.

However, while drawing your studying timetable, you need to have two to three breaks to relax. You can also have someone keep up with you, someone you can be accountable to about your studying. This person makes you both accountable and devoted to your studies. 

Look For Motivation

We all know that motivation breeds success. Most times, what you need as a student is only a reason to study; a good reason at that. You need to find your motivation. Ask yourself again, why do I need to study? Why do I need this degree? Then, your sincere answer should be your destination. While the motivation you may find sometimes is because you want a certificate, there might be a part of you that thinks that having a certificate is not enough motivation.

Think about what happens when you don’t have the certificate to achieve your set goals. Well, you might not find your goals motivating enough, but think of the feeling you get when you get your studies completed, the freedom you get after school completes. That should be enough motivation for you.

Remove All Sort of Distractions

You cannot achieve your set academic success with several distractions. You need to do away with the numerous distractions. Trust me; distractions are as numerous as you allow them to be. If you can’t do without checking the internet while studying, you should put your phone out of your reach.

If you can’t but gist with your friends while studying, it is best to study without a partner. You should rid yourself of everything that easily distracts you, and you will find out that studying is just so easy


Laziness affects even the best of us sometimes. It can weigh us down and render us ineffective. It is worse when you are a student and the stakes are high. Laziness could result in poor grades and failing in school. You can overcome this feeling and regain your productivity. 

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