How To Pick a Dash Cam for Your Truck

If there is one thing in this world that’ll kill you that you do every day, it’s driving. Whether your driving takes you through icy roads, wet roads slick with oil, potholes, wild animals dodging out into the street, or terrible drivers cutting you off without warning. Driving is a dangerous part of life. There is a study done by the US government that shows the average car accident occurs within 25 miles of a person’s home.

And with car accidents come police reports and insurance claims. But you can protect yourself and your truck from lying 2nd parties and cases when there is no evidence, and the only information is by word of mouth. This protection comes from dash cams. Dashcams are a must now in this age of terrible drivers and hit and runs. In the guide below, we’ll lay out the factors you must consider when shopping for a dashcam.

What to consider when buying a dashcam

  1. HD – You don’t want a grainy recording like a gas station CCTV monitor; you want crystal clear images that leave out doubt and uncertainty – especially if you’re driving a truck. Plus, HD makes it easy to see what happened if the accident occurred in the rain. HD cameras, like the ones on this page, can help the police find out what happened in the case of an accident.
  2. GPS – If you have GPS in your dashcam, you can record with the exact path your truck drives through every day. And the GPS can also record your speed, so you can show police officers exactly how fast you were going at the exact moment when you got into an accident. This will protect you from people who will put the blame on you and tell the polices you were the one speeding.
  3. Wide-angle lenses – a wide lens will be able to see the sides and corners of your truck. It has a better range of vision, as there won’t be blind spots from the camera. You’ll be able to record if someone clips the corner of your truck and speeds off.
  4. Parking Monitoring – you must protect your truck, even while it’s not in use. When you choose a dash cam with parking monitoring, the camera will monitor your vehicle and start recording if a person or vehicle strikes it. The motion sensors will also begin to record if a person or vehicle gets close enough to your truck. This feature can provide you with evidence in case your car is keyed.
  5. Ample memory storage – When you drive for several hours every day, your dashcam will be recording you. It will monitor your every move. To make sure the dashcam won’t stop recording in the middle of a drive, you need to purchase a cam with a lot of storage. A high amount of memory is absolute, especially if you have an HD or night vision camera. If you don’t have a lot of room on your dashcam, you could end up having to delete all of the footage every night or before you work again in the morning. And if you have footage on the dashcam that you need to keep, you are causing the storage to fill up faster while recording less and less. The lowest memory storage you should consider is 100GB. Any less than that is more work for you. And if you have a dual dash cam that records the interior as well, make the memory at least 200GB. The more memory you have, the better your drives will be

What to take away from this article

Owning a dashcam is a must nowadays. The benefits are genuine, and your dashcam could protect you for years to come. The features we have listed are essential and should not be compromised. And you can use the dashcams when you’re not driving for Uber or lyft. The ability to provide evidence that is in your favor is priceless. If you do buy a dashcam, let your insurance know, and some companies may give you a discount. Think of dashcams like insurance; it is there in case something goes wrong. We don’t want to need cameras or insurance but do not have it is unbelievably foolish.

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